Mosspaw is a long-haired gray and brown tabby she-cat with large, mist green eyes. She is an apprentice of EarthClan.


Mosspaw is a very brave and hard-working cat; She seems to always have enough energy to hunt for her Clan. Her daring nerve makes her one of the best climbers in the Clan, as she seems to be sure she will never fall, and she never has. She is very sweet and loving to her Clanmates, she has shown strength in even the toughest times.


Mosspaw, unlike other EarthClan members, lived outside of a small town as a kit with her mother and father. But on a cold leaf-bare day, they were taken by twolegs, and she never saw them again. She ran after the twoleg monster that took them, but quickley became tired. She soon decided she wouldn't so any good to sit there and freeze to death in the snow, so she ran for shelter in a small grove of oak trees, and straight into EarthClan camp. She told them what had happened, and accepted their offer for her to join them.



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