Mottleheart is a small, determined, bright-minded, intelligent, long-limbed, fluffy mottled brown, cream, and gray she-cat with large paws, big, pointed ears, and one alert pale amber eye, and one soft blue eye, they both sparkle with mischief.

She is a warrior of DawnClan.

She is a member of the 5th Generation Prophecy. Her abilities are to control the four basic elements (fire, earth, wind, and water). She can only produce fire from her body, bit she requires the other three to be around her to control them.

When she uses her powers, she becomes delusional, and thinks of most cats as her friends, even enemies. This makes her powers dangerous to use around others, so she sparingly activates them.


Mottleheart was born as Mottlekit to Alderblossom and Vaporsmoke, with a single sibling, Eldingarkit.

She became good friends with Sparrowkit and Poppykit, two of Mothfur's kits.

Later, she became an apprentice.

Soon afterwards, when she heard StagClan was going to attack, she went to Sparrowpaw for comfort, unknowingly making Fadedpaw jealous.

She is soon made a warrior, named Mottleheart. Her brother is named Eldingarshock.

Mottleheart later takes Verakit and Apollo to the 5th Generation Prophecy cat's meeting.


Mottleheart is a usually bright, happy she-cat, with an optimistic outlook on life. She takes life with what it throws at her, and when life gives her lemons, she makes lemonade.

Sometimes, when enraged, she becomes cynical, and plays with the enemy's pyche before attacking.


  • She is in love with Sparrowfrost.
  • She is named after Mottle.

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