Mousefang is a small dusky brown she-cat with pale brown-amber wings, a sharp attitude, and bright amber eyes.

She is an elder of CloudClan due to a broken backbone.


Mousekit is born to Dustbriar and Grayfang in CloudClan. She was an only kit until she was three moons old, which is when her parents took in a rogue kit named Cloudkit (Cloudchase).

She becomes an apprentice with Peachspots, the deputy, as her mentor.

She is made a warrior: Mousefang.

Her beloved mentor, along with her parents, die in a thunderstorm. Flutterstar is the new leader after that.

While out hunting, she meets a rogue named Viasyni. She falls in love with him and takes him back to camp, where he becomes a warrior named Viasyniheart.

She later gives birth to his daughters, Lionkit and Dawningkit.

She is heartbroken when Viasyniheart dissapears. She later discovers he died during a rockfall.

Her backbone is broken when a rock falls on her, forcing her to move to the elders den and leave her kits in Brokenwing's care.

Her kits are apprenticed, Lionpaw and Dawningpaw.

They become warriors, Lionpoppy and Dawningwater.

Lionpoppy has Mottledstorm's kits and her grandkits: Aufgekratztkit and Dachskit.

Her grandkits are made apprentices.


"Dustbriar! Who is this! She reeks of rogue scent!"
-Mousekit to Dustbriar CloudClan Roleplay

"Peachspots, whar am I learning today?"
-Mousepaw to Peachspots CloudClan Roleplay

"Lishten, Lionkit. You too, Dawningkit. I can't take care of you anymore. My backbone was crushed by a rock, and I can't walk anymore. Brokenwing will take care of you."
-Mousefang to Lionkit and Dawningkit CloudClan Roleplay



Viasyniheart - Deceaced, verified StarClan member.


Lionpoppy - Living
Dawningwater - Living


Aufgekratztpaw - Living


Dachspaw - Living


Dustbriar - Deceaced, verified StarClan member.


Grayfang - Deceaced, verified StarClan member.

Foster Sister:

Cloudchase - Living


Peachspots - Deceaced, verified StarClan member.


  • She and Brokenwing are very close friends
  • She ended up befriending Cloudchase