A silver tom pads forward, eyes sharp and knowing.

"Welcome to Mysterious Kit Adoption. This is my workstation, we work against Groups 935 and 936, dedicated to improving warrior life and society as it is. Come along now, come choose whatever you'd like, or have my Custom Kit Maker, if I can load the DNA files." Owned by 4pinkbear.


You MUST follow the guildlines of the Custom Cat Requesting Station.

Simple, right?


* = Cat contains special ability (as listed)

^ = Cat is disabled in some way or form (as listed)

$ = Cats must be adopted together (The cat who must be adopted with will be listed)

Adoptable Kits


Luminoidkit - pure white tom with blue eyes.

Bluekit - blue-gray tom with silver wings, and emerald green eyes.$ Adopt with Wiltkit

Demonkit - dark crimson tom with two darker horns, and red eyes.

Shadowkit - black tom with blue eyes. Can bend shadows.*


Lilykit - white she-cat with silver paws, and blue eyes.

Wiltkit - small blue-gray she-cat with silver wings, and emerald green eyes. Has a crippled paw.^$ adopt with Bluekit

Custom Kit Generating Station

You must follow the steps and stick to them. Follow them.

There is a chance that the DNA Coding may/may not work to create your kit and may give them extra abilities or make their appearance different than what you requested!

Step 1

Choose a gender:

  • Male
  • Female

Step 2

Choose 1 color and/or color variation:

  • Black (Plain)
  • White (Creamy, Egg, Plain)
  • Gray (Dark, Light)
  • Silver (Shining Glory, Dark Shaded)
  • Brown (Dark, Light, Chocolate, Light Chocolate, Milk Chocolate)
  • Cream (Light, Dark, Pink Rose, Red Rose, Cocoa, Spice)
  • Ginger (Light, Dark, Brown-tinted, Creamy)
  • Red (Light, Dark, Apple, Rose)
  • Pink (Light, Dark, Creamy, Lily, Rose)
  • Green (Light, Dark, Apple, Lime, Olive, Muddy)
  • Yellow (Light, Dark, Creamy, Lemon, Goldenrod)
  • Purple (Light, Dark, Lavender, Lilac, Violet)
  • Blue (Light, Dark, Ocean, River, Seabed)

Step 3

Choose 1 or 2 unique traits:

  • Plain (if no traits are wanted)
  • Wings
  • DNA injections (of a requested animal)
  • Fins

Step 4

Choose 1 or 2 fur patterns:

  • Plain (if no patterns are wanted)
  • Stripes
  • Spots
  • Boots
  • Chest & Underbelly (as one)
  • Ticked
  • Flecked
  • Speckles
  • Underbelly
  • Chest
  • Muzzle
  • Tail-Tip
  • Mottled
  • Leopard Spots
  • Tiger Stripes
  • Zebra Stripes
  • Lion Mane

Step 5

Choose an Eye Color:

  • Blue
  • Violet
  • Green
  • Amber
  • Yellow
  • Ginger-Yellow
  • Red
  • Gray/Silver

Step 6

Now put the request on the talkpage. Here is an example message:

May I please request to have a cat with:

  • Female
  • Granny Smith Apple Green
  • DNA Injected (Red Wolf) with Wings
  • Mottled and Boots (dark reddish-brown, please)

Thank you!

See, that would be an easy example message. Remember you CANNOT request the name of your kit.

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