Nettlefoot is a muscular, dark brown tom with black front paws, a red nose, and icy blue eyes.



Nettlefoot is somewhat large in size. He is made up of mostly muscles, and is very tall. His fur is a glossy, solid dark brown that layers his muscles, making him look stronger than he actually is. He has a long tail, and large ears. He has large paws, with the front paws being jet black. His claws are extremely long and sharp, and are especially good for defense. He has small but sharp teeth, and his eyes are an icy blue. His triangular nose is a dark shade of red.


Physical Health

Nettlefoot is extremely fit, and excersizes and eats daily. He doesn't get sick all that easily, and when it strikes, it strikes hard. However, it is only a brief sickness, but it will leave him in pain after it leaves.

Mental Health

Nettlefoot is intelligent when it comes to his own things. He is afraid of nothing but the thought of death, and will do anything to keep himself living. He fears that he will have no life after his death, and that his spirit will go who-knows-where. 


Nettlefoot is extremely bratty and a little too prideful. He has a touch of loyalty to his kinder, loving half, but overall, he is very rebellious and very vain. Nettlefoot cares too much about power, but there are times when he will take his mind off himself and focus on others. He is kind to those who knows him well and stood by him at all hardships. Despite his ego, rebellious streak, and his selfish acts, he will obey the commands of those that he respects greatly. Nettlefoot will never give up at what he does, and is too stubborn to do the things that younger cats want him to do.

Skills and Abilities

He is a born fighter.


Nettlefoot is a descendant of Nettleflight. After a long while of wandering, he finds the remains of RainbowClan, and demands where he is to Proudrainbow.



  • He is a descendant of Nettleflight.
  • For the first time, Crys didn't base him off anyone.
  • He will betray the clan way later on for the Grey Eyes.

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