Nightingale is a small half-grown black she-cat, with one eye brown and one eye green, This makes her able to see from both points of veiw. Owned by Meadow


Nightingale was born to Larkshadow, though her father is unknown, it is possible that her uncle is Blackhawk. Larkshadow knew she was having kits, but she didn't tell anyone, not her brother or anyone. She was so skinny at the time she found out, she didn't look like she was going to have kits until it was too late. There were 2 kits in the litter. the other one, a tom, died within seconds of living. Larkshadw knew she could not take her kit back into her Clan, there would be questions about who's it was. So she left it in the woods to die, though the kit was but seconds old she saw her mother walk away, tail held high, leaving the young kit to her fate. The young kit's fate was to be taken in by an old couple of cats and rasied by them, the prey they got was old or even dead for several days before they could eat it, but it was enough to keep her alive. Soon the Nightingale grew into a fine young she-cat, it was at this time that all of the cats died and died they did, all of them within 2 days. This was when Nightingale went on the search for her mother, she remembered what she smelt like. So she walked till she came across a Clan, and in this Clan, she saw her mother, and she vowed that not matter what, she would make her life known to her mother. While watching she meet her first friend, And now they are bound together, to destroy, the thing that made them.


  • Her father might have been a rogue or her uncle. It is unknown to her who her father is, and she may never find out
  • She doesn't hate her mother for leaving her, she just feels rejected and wished for her to feel the same thing.
  • She will be involved with Fallingclan
  • It was revided that her uncle is her father
  • Both her partents are now dead.


Mother- Larkshadow, Status, Dead, FallingClan

Father- Blackhawk, Status, Dead, FallingClan

Littermates - Not named, Status, Dead.

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