Nightstar is a handsome black tom with long fur, a long tail, golden, long claws and colbalt blue eyes. He is roleplayed by Phoenix.


He is first seen as a leader of future TimeClan. He receives a prophecy: Before Time can thrive safely, Machines will strike, and two Nights will meet. It suggests that until TimeClan can be safe, Twoleg monsters will attack and Nightstar may have to kill his own brother. Lightningheart comforts him and vows to stand by his side.

It is eventually revealed Nightstar's brother, Gustwind, was lost while saving Lightningheart, Snowheart, Lilyflower and Icewhisper as kits. He became deputy in place of Blackthistle, who died due to greencough.

He eventually goes with Lightningheart, Snowheart, Goldwing, Crowstorm, Icywind, Roseheart, Mooncloud, Lionstorm, and Oceanwave to fight Team Darkfire. He is seen chasing off some FireClan cats. When Lightningheart uses her summoning power, he praises her. He orders his warriors to carry the exhausted prophecy cats when they transfer their energy to Starlitdawn.

At the end of the battle, he and his warriors gather herbs for Hikari. He and his warriors eventually return to their time. Lightningheart gives birth to Nightstar's kits, and Nightstar and his warriors soon time travel to the cats in the mountains, only to encounter Vizorheart and Rubypaw. He and his warriors soon head back to DawnClan after the Clans are safe.

He is shocked to hear Tatteredbook mothered Snowheart, Lightningheart, Icewhisper and Lilyflower. Nightstar, Sunsetstar and their generations of TimeClan team up against the Dark Forest with other Clans behind them.

Nightstar later fights alongside StarlitClan.

He later returns to his TimeClan.


He is a calm, collected cat and is very loyal to his friends. He is fierce in times of battle, and will die to protect his Clan.


He is based off the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's star, Yusei Fudo.

Nine Lives

  1. Honor: Received from Timestar
  2. Compassion: Received from Frozenheather
  3. Passion: Received from Sunsetstar
  4. Love: Received from Lovestar
  5. Judgement: Received from Roseblossom
  6. Hope: Received from Treeleaf
  7. Duty: Received from Arrowstar
  8. Courage: Received from Blackthistle
  9. Pride: Received from Navystar



Lightningheart - Alive


Frozenheather - Dead, Confirmed StarClan cat


Navystar - Dead, Confirmed StarClan cat


Gustwind - Alive

Blackstorm - Alive

Wolffang - Alive


Roseheart - Alive

Barkwind - Alive


Rosedawn - Alive

Fairyhope - Alive


Starduststorm - Alive

Flamedragon - Alive

Stormdusk - Alive

Dragonstream - Alive


Silencekit - Alive

Fangclash- Alive

Raineblitz - Alive

Clouddrift - Alive

Firetornado - Alive


Runningstreak - Alive

Tigerflower - Alive

Lovekit - Alive


  • His sons and daughters will save the Clan. They are also confirmed to be in the next prophecy.

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