Nimbusclaw is a small, kinda handsome, happy-go-lucky, slighly muscular, intrepid, secretive, mysterious, shaggy, white haired human guy with intense ambery-blue eyes, a long scar on his face, and white ears and tail.

He is a warrior of Neko-MimiClan.


Nimbusclaw's original name was Matias, and he lived with his parents until his mother left because of his father's abusive tendancies.

When Matias's cat features started to show, his father was outraged, and started to beat him, giving him the long scar on his face. Matias could never fight back, or call the police, in fear of being killed, or his father prostituting Matias for money in the streets.

Eventually Matias ran away, and found Neko-MimiClan, taking the name Nimbusclaw.


On the outside, Nimbusclaw is a happy guy, always smiling, laughing, and just being cheerful. He loves to joke around, and make fun of others, jokingly of course.

Internally, he is a conflicted, cynical individual, putting himself down, doubting himself. He has a fear of being alone, and he usually needs company in order to function like he wants to, happy and free-spirited.


  • He used to own a black cat named Shadow when he was little, his mother took the cat away when she left.

Real Life Image


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