Owlsong is a small, broad-shouldered, loyal, gentle, lovestruck, fluffy, long-haired tom with yellow eyes and brown, black, white, and orange calico markings, with one black paw, one brown paw and brown tipped ears.

Personal Life

He is mates with Morningdawn, and knew he loved her ever since they became apprenticed together. As an apprentice, he confessed his love for her and she realized she loved him too. Morningdawn is pregnant with his kits. He only has his father left. He was an only-kit and his mother died soon after he was apprenticed from green-cough.


"Love. Do not be afraid of it."

- Frostcrystal to Owlpaw

"There's something that I wanted to tell you. Something that I have been holding back for a long long time. The way I feel about you. It's-it's so different than any other. I always want to be with you. I.. I love you Morningpaw"

-Owlpaw confessing to Morningpaw


  • When he heard the voice telling him about Love on a patrol, it was actually his deceased mother remembering when she fell in love with her mate and looking after her son
  • Frostcrystal will look after and guide Owlsong from StarClan
  • Owlsong had a foster sister, Rosekit/creek

Real Life Image

Owlsong (HC)

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