Paradisepaw is a small, slightly spiky-furred, fluffy, long-haired, light yellowish-ginger tabby tom with one silver paw with unusually sharp claws on it, similar to little swords, a slightly longer tuft of fur on the back of his head, tufted ears and tail tip, a black ear tip, and pale turquoise eyes, similar to the ocean of a tropical paradise.

He is an apprentice in RainbowClan. His mentor is Poppyblaze.


Paradisekit was born to Rayhope and Skysearch in RainbowClan with one sister, named Synchronicykit.

When he was five moons old, his grandmother, Utopia, began to control Synchronicykit through her dreams, and Paradisekit immediately noticed the personality change.

He begins to agree with Falcondive on everything, but he is frightened by his sister's remarks towards him.

Paradisekit begins to search for something, but he doesn't know what.

He is later named an apprentice. His mentor is Poppyblaze.


Paradisepaw, before Utopia entered the picture, was a cheerful, protective cat who would often fight with Synchronicypaw, his sister. They still got along splendidly, though.

After Utopia entered the picture, however, he became very afraid of Synchronicypaw. He would always side with Falcondive.



Rayhope; Living, RainbowClan warrior.


Skysearch; Living, RainbowClan warrior.


Synchronicypaw; Living, RainbowClan kit.


Utopia; Deceaced, verified Place of Grey Clouds/Dark Forest member.


Millennium; Living, residence unknown; thought to be a loner.


Wish; Living, kittypet.
Skidwing; Living, RainbowClan warrior.


New; Living, rogue.
Hope; Deceaced, verified Place of Rainbows/StarClan member.
Faint; Living, resides in the Laboratory.


  • He will break Utopia's spell on Synchronicypaw, but (SPOILER ALERT!) it will nearly kill him in the process. This is what he is searching for.
  • His theme song, like his sister, is "Paradise of Light and Shadow" by Kagamine Rin and Len.
  • He is based off of Len as he appears in "Paradise of Light and Shadow" (Synchronicy 2/3).
  • His warrior name is Paradiselight.


Currently none.


Real Life Images;

Paradiselight Paradisepaw

Paradiselightreal Len in "Paradise of Light and Shadow"



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