Paradoxheart is a gold and indigo tom with gold eyes and long claws. He is a member of RobotClan and is roleplayed by Phoenix.



Paradoxkit was born to two loners, and was given to RobotClan, then a collection of loners. The reason why was because their home caught in a fire, and the two loners could not care for their kit anymore. As he became a warrior, he became close friends with Vizorheart and Futureheart. One day, a huge monster unlike anything the three had ever seen before attacked RobotClan's camp, and fought the three. Vizorheart was tossed far into the past, and Paradoxheart and Futureheart were forced to do the monster's bidding to protect their Clan. Paradoxheart swore revenge on the monsters that soon attacked RobotClan afterwards.

Future TimeClan

Paradoxheart is first seen with Futureheart, his assumed leader. Futureheart hypnotizes Gustwind to do his bidding and destroy TimeClan. Afterwards, Futureheart asks Paradoxheart to perform a ceremony of some sort. Paradoxheart leaps onto Futureheart and pierces his heart with his claws, then recites a ceremony of some sort, splitting Futureheart into three cats: Tauntpaw, Silvernight, and Earthstorm. Tauntpaw wearily gets up, though unnamed then, and asks where he is. Paradoxheart soothes the tom by saying he's safe now, implying Paradoxheart was most likely a brother to Futureheart.

Later on, he, Tauntpaw, Silvernight and Earthstorm go to DawnClan and try to take Vizorheart with them back to their time, though they fail.

Eventually, they are betrayed by a small group of RobotClan warriors. Paradoxheart then joins TimeClan.


He is shown to be kind to Tauntpaw, but when he and his group encounters Phoenixfeather, they realize who they have to fight.


He is based off the Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Across Time and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's character Paradox.


  • He will eventually have a mate, confirmed to be Bellheart.

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