Peach is a bright, small, cutesy, pretty, long-haired, beautiful, creamy-ginger she-cat like the color of a fresh peach with white paws, underbelly, and chest, spots near her underbelly, and charming, beautiful, dark green-amber eyes.

She is a loner roleplayed by 4pinkbear.

Pre-Roleplay History

Peach was born during a thunderstorm in a secret underground tunnel of a Loner group that now no longer exists. Her mother is Bright and her father is Fen. She has a single, still-living sibling known as Cordelia, who somehow now lives and works at Mysterious Kit Adoption. Fen abandoned Bright, Peach, and Cordelia.

Cordelia wanders too far from the nursery within her 2nd moon and is supposedly kidnapped by a rogue, but really, Bright had given Cordelia to Richtofen to care for, as the mother cat no longer wanted the kit. Peach is traumatized at the loss of her twin sister.

Bright forces Peach as her little servant, making her catch prey and mark the territory for her mother. Peach quickly begins resisting, but still loves her mother. Bright is angered by this, and then wanders into the Twolegplace, and is adopted by Twolegs. Peach follows her, and Bright snaps at her to go back and wait, claiming she'll be right back. Peach waits, and waits, but her mother does not return.

Roleplay History

Peach sees Priede and Waka underneath a tree and runs to them for help. She tells them her story. When she gets tired and falls asleep, Triscuit, one of Bright's friends, comes and tells them to tell Peach that her mother was taken by the Twolegs. When she awakes, Waka tells her and she freaks out, terrified, screaming for her mother. Waka and Priede take her in.



Bright - Status Unknown


Fen - Deceased, Resident of StarClan


Unnamed tabby kit - Deceased, Resident of StarClan


Cordelia - Living


Peach is sweet and caring for her family and friends. She's willing to take whatever risks as nessecary to protect them and will grieve heavily when one is lost.


  • Peach was a character who 4pinkbear made long ago but never found a spot to put in roleplay.
    And she also went through many names to add to that
  • Bright's fate is unknown due to whether the twolegs had harmed her or not.

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