Pearl is a light ginger tom with orange eyes, flecked with green.


Pearl is haughty, stubborn, and very bossy. He is smart and quick-witted, but easily goes to far and acts as if he owns the clan. He can be very moody, and is someone who escapes situations for his own good. He is very impatient, and easily angered while being hasty. He goes out of his way to finish what he started, and does anything to keep a promise, and shows lots of determination. He's very chatty, always talking out loud, even his thoughts. He also has leadership, and likes to lead cats around and tell them what to do while keeping everything reasonable, although he can be a little rude even to his closest friends without realizing. He can be snotty, and sometimes gets very pissed when people ignore him, meaning he loves attention. Pearl isn't afraid to battle, but he'll retreat when he knows he'll lose. He can be very narcissistic, but will respect others when he thinks they're good.



Coming soon!


Coming soon!



The amazing Crys roleplays him.


  • Crys based him off Pearl from the Pokemon Manga...

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