Petalblaze is a medium-sized, short-haired, pale gray and white she-cat with a long, plumy, fluffy tail with fur that sticks out at all angles, a few, small, barely visible, brown tabby stripes on her legs, a very pink nose, and intense, calm, caring pale brown eyes.

She is roleplayed by 4pinkbear.


She was born to Whitestep and Thistlestream with 7 other littermates.

Like Wolfwillow, her sister, she isn't seen very much in roleplay.

She first appears as a kit in the nursery playing with her tail.

The next time we see her, she is an apprentice, and she is protecting her sister, Wolfpaw, from Gingerrush, a TawnyClan cat. Gingerrush gives her a death-blow, and nearly dies, but Clawfoot and Snakepaw(catcher) attack the tom, preventing further, more permanent, damage. Wolfpaw gets really worried and brings her to the medicine den. TawnyClan guards throw a couple DawnClan cats in their and block exit from the den. For their bravery, Wolfpaw becomes Wolfwillow and Petalpaw becomes Petalblaze.

The most recent time we see her is when she battles Dawningsnow, a Dark Forest Warrior, during the Greatest Battle, and Lemonheart turns against her. Luckily, Icefeather gets full control over herself and rams into Lemonheart, saying he's a traitor and she always knew it. She then, also, watches Jadeheart and Bluewing battle side-by-side. She realized that the two had mated.

She has a crush on Tigershade, and he likes her back. It is rumored that the two will be mates later, after the Greatest Battle.







  • Petalkit was supposed to go to Icefeather. However, she recieved another mentor.
  • Foxstar was slightly in love with her. Petalblaze might have been just his type.
  • Tigershade is in love with Petalblaze. It is a high chance they will have kits..

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