Petalfoot is a dappled, sleek black she-cat with teal eyes.



Petalfoot has very long, dappled, very glossy black fur, it's thick layer showing hiding any signs of skin. She believes herself to be a near flawless cat, taking immense pride in her shiny fur that's sure to catch any light it is seen in. His ears are as dark as her pelt, and her nose is as black as his pelt. 
She has a slender, thin body. Her legs are long and thin, and her tail is also very long. She holds no muscles in her body, but the strength is replaced by her so-called beauty. She has soft, pink paw pads and a triangular face with a tapered muzzle. Her ears are triangular and sharp, and slightly rounded at the tips. Her eyes are large and a mix of aqua and teal. 


Physical Health

Petalfoot is a roll model for being physically healthy. She never gets sick because of her very strong immune system, and whenever she is sick, the sickness is brief and unharmful. Working out frequently and stopping every once in a while builds up her skills, which helps her in battle and helps her when hunting. She has no defects, and is bound to live long due to her healthy status.

Mental Health

shes vain and bleh Coming soon!


Coming soon!

Skills and Abilities

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Coming soon!


She is seen walking around the camp before leaving to hunt.


Mother: Coming soon!
Father: Coming soon!
Mate: Coming soon!


  • She is slightly based off Paulina from Danny Phantom.


Character Pixels

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Life Image


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