Please note that some of these cats were not alive during roleplay because they are used for appearing in living cats dreams and delivering prophecies.

Former Leaders

Pinestar - Dark brown tabby Tom. Founded PineClan.

Froststar - Light gray she-cat with blue eyes. Second PineClan leader.

Lizardstar - Brow tabby Tom with amber eyes. Ancient PineClan leader.

Former Deputies

Ferretnose - Pale brown Tom. Deputy before Swiftfoot.

Swiftfoot - Black and white Tom with amber eyes. Died from Greencough. (Xain)

Former Medicine Cats/Apprentices

Duskheart - Light gray tom with amber eyes. First PineClan medicine Cat.

Swiftwind - Brown and white Tom. Grandfather of Littlefrost, Swiftfoot, and Mintfur.

Former Warriors

Lionjump - sleek ginger tom with long whiskers. Ancient PineClan warrior.

Furzepelt - Light gray Tom with a ragged pelt.

Roseheart - Dark ginger she-cat. Swiftfoot's mother.

Shredfeather - Dark blue she-cat with a torn ear, evil, ambitous, stops at nothing to get what she wants, minipulative. One of Swampclaw's companions. (Xain1138)

Froststorm-Pure white tom with bright blue eyes,long-lost brother of Icejay,the kit no body saw.Is a charmer with the she-cats. Died in battle with HeatherClan. (IceJay)

Coalstripe - Jet black Tom with green eyes. Died from snake bite. (Xain)

Maplefur - Brown furred Tom with blue eyes. (Sugar)

Creamsplash - Cream colored she-cat with hazel eyes. (Sugar)

Strikefire - dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes. (Crys)

Former Apprentices

Riverpaw: Black tom with Green eyes. Shy, but very sweet. (Sugar)

Former Kits

Former Elders

Cloudshadow - Sleek black Tom with white underbelly. Swiftfoot's father. Died of old age. (Xain)

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