Pinksakura is a pretty young woman with slightly pale pink hair, pale yellow eyes, and pink cat ears and tail. She is roleplayed by Phoenix


Pinksakura's original name was supposedly Haruko Haruhara, and served as maid for Honestypaw, then Naota, for a few years until their cat features developed. Naota's family was overjoyed, but Haruko took Naota and the two fled from Naota's city. To Haruko's chagrin, she lost her vespa and bass in the process of fleeing into a forest.

Later, she met Snowstar of Neko-MimiClan and joined the still forming Clan as Pinksakura and Naota as Honestypaw.

Pinksakura is surprised when Strawberryheart suddenly starts giving birth.


Haruko is often silly and something of a joker, though she's willing to listen to someone in need. She has a slight crush on Honestypaw. Pinksakura often plays her bass when she's lonely. She often has a bad habit of hitting Honestypaw with her vespa and bass (though not at the same time), thought it's usually played for comical effect. Pinksakura admits that she would use her guitar in a battle if it was fair.


She is based off of Haruko Haruhara from Fooly Cooly.


  • She may be Honestypaw's mate.

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