Plasmius is a long-furred, glossy silvery blue and white tabby tom with jet black classic tabby stripes, tufted black ears, and bright amber/red eyes.


Leader of CosmicClan.


Plasmius is greedy, and can't care less for anyone else. He can even be melancholy at times, due to an incident in the past. He is extremely powerful, which is why cats look up to him as the leader of CosmicClan. He absolutely detests kits and young cats, and has lots of battle experience. He is very smart, and knows how to take care of the clan properly. He also has lots of experience from all the events from the past, but always feels like he could learn more to become a more powerful cat.



Coming soon!

Life Image



  • He is loosely based off Vlad Masters/Plasmius from Danny Phantom.
  • Crys will finish his template later on when she's not on an iPad.

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