One of the wallpapers done

Project wallpaper is trying to get every cats a Wallpaper that tell something about him or her. Like the one on the right. We use this to make wallpapers. Picmonkey

NOTE: Some people (ex. Cotton) are also willing/wanting to do ones for Clans, please feel free to ask.


  • If your cat has a page with a pic then please link it.
  • You need not ask to make a a Wallpaper for your cat
  • Only to get it approved
  • You can ask to join on the talk page, The same way as a clan.
  • If you need help ask Ask the leader or deputy.


Digital Art

Leader: Meadow

Deputy: Cotton

Warriors:  Luna

Apprentices: None

Kits: None

Elders: None

Cats that need to have Wallpaper done

Anyone can add cats who they want Wallpaper done for, You may also ask someone else to make wallpaper for you if you wish. Make sure the page has a pic please

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