These are famous trios, or larger groups, of prophecy cats. Feel free to add yours in!

DawnClan Trios/Groups

Element Trio

Cats: Icefeather (4pinkbear, also in the Ice Dove Prophecy), Spottedface (4pinkbear), and Firemoon (4pinkbear).

Deaths: Firemoon recently died.

Prophecy: The Ice will bring Spotted Fire, along with peace to the Dawn.

Sun and Wind

Sunleaf (Destiny Calling), Windwillow (4pinkbear), Bayleaf (Elorisa), Skyshine (Elorisa), Bluewing (4pinkbear)

The Sun will use the Wind to go to the Bay in the Blue Sky to save the Clans from Darkness and Flames.

Dove's Gentle Song

Cats: Dovesong (Dove), Blazefire (Dove), and Featherlight (Dove).

Deaths: Currently None

Prophecy: After the Glowing Feather and the Blazing Fire, peace will come to the Dawn at the Dove's Gentle Song.

Ice Dove

Cats: Dovesong (Dove), Icefeather (4pinkbear), Larchfall (Dovesong), and Frostwhisker (4pinkbear)

Deaths: none

Prophecy: When the Flames die down forever, the Ice Dove will swoop down with the Frost Larch and seal the Darkness away.


The Shiny Fern

Cats: Shinystar (Shiny), Phoenixsong (Shiny) and Horizonheart (Phoenix)

Deaths: None

Prophecy: The shiny fern and the horizon's heart will swoop down with the phoenix while she sings and save the Pearl from Claw

Most Important Member of the Prophecy: Shinystar


The Savior of the Seasons

Cats: Springpaw (Phoenix), Summerpaw (Phoenix), Autumpaw (Phoenix), and Winterpaw (Phoenix)

Deaths: None

Prophecy: The Heart of Spring, the Stream of Summer, the Leaf of Autum, and the Dragon of Winter will Clash with the Heart of Nightmares and bring peace to Time


The River, Forest, Willow Prophecy~

Cats~ Riverpaw (Aspen), Forestpaw (Aspen) and Willowkit (Aspen)

Deaths~ None

Prophecy~ Over the River, through the Forest, now the Willow has come to rest.


Night Lune Stardust Wolf Trick Prophecy;

Cats; Lunepaw (Isa), Wolfpaw (Isa), Nightpaw (Isa), Stardustpaw (Isa), Trickpaw (Isa)

Deaths; None known

Prophecy; The Night's Lune and Stardust will help the Wolf's Tricks save the Spells from the Darkness.

MemoryClan, FlowerClan and LightningClan~

The Three Prophecy~

Cats~ Blossomkit(Aspen), Nightraven(Aspen) and Rowanleap(Aspen)

Deaths~ None yet.

Prophecy~ Before the up walking ones make the forest fall, three will save the memories, flowers and lightning.