Prudence is an elegant, fluffy, strikingly beautiful, slender, long-haired, silky-furred, tiny, shy, easily scared, gentle, faithful, graceful, pale milky-cream she-cat with white paws, thick, soft, ruffled fur, a long, even softer-furred tail with a soft, tufted black tip, small, neat ears with soft tufts on them, two small antennae coming out of her forehead, two large, long, butterfly wings that are golden-brown on top with black spots and lines and orange-brown, brown, and tan on the bottom with black lines and distinctive silver and black spots, and elegant, glassy, beautiful bright green eyes.

She is a cat altered in the Laboratory.


Prudence is born to Glow and Shadow, two rogues , with no siblings.

She is later abandoned to fend for herself. The Twoleg Luna finds her and takes her to the Laboratory. She becomes best friends with Squirrel.

She is shown to be very upset when Squirrel is altered and becomes Squirreldawn.

She is the first cat to greet Faith when she comes to the lab.

She is later altered with the DNA of an Oregon silverspot butterfly, growing antennae and butterfly wings.


Prudence is a very prudent, calm, and respectful cat. She is very shy, and doesn't talk to many cats.

Her closest friends are Bluebell, Bramblethorn, and Faith.



Glow - Status unknown


Shadow - Status unknown


  • Hime wants to adopt her

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