Puddlestar is a gray-brown tom with blue eyes.


Puddlestar is the founder RushClan. His sisters, Heatherstar, Hollystar and Thrushstar created SwiftClan, MossClan and HawkClan. His brother Darkstar created SharpClan.

He later gives Lilypaw her warrior name, Lilysplash.

Tunapaw tells Lilysplash that Puddlestar was going to give him some bettle training the next day. He also remarks that Puddlestar is a great mentor

Later on, he argues with his deputy, Shellstream about patroling the SwiftClan border. After coming to an agreement, Puddlestar invites Shellstream to share his den with him.

The next morning He patrols the MossClan border with Tunpaw and Lilysplash. After the patrol, he takes Tunapaw out for the promised battle training.

When a rogue, Night, Comes and helps deliver Salmonpool's kits, he decides to make her a medicine cat, but not without questioning her first. Unable to get anything out of the she-cat, he decides to make her the medicine cat, though he dicides to watch her carefully until she proves her loyalty. He gives her the name Nightdapple, the name she wanted for herself.

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