Raven is a gentle, timid, loyal, intelligent, weak, determined, sweet, friendly, immensly delicate, sickly, bony, tiny, long-limbed, shy, slender, long-haired, fluffy, bright-minded, dedicated, thick-pelted, silky-furred, calm, serene, big-hearted, soft-furred, black she-cat with small, finely-shaped white paws, a very small, finely-shaped head, a long, narrow, tapered, fox-like muzzle, a tiny, very pale gray dab on her chest, a small white dab on her nose, and calm, clear, bright, soft, gentle, intelligent, glowing, cute, observant, alert, sharp, knowing, lemon-colored yellow eyes that glow with determination, dedication, and a bright inner fire.

She is a loner who wanders the territories.

She is a member of the 4th Generation Prophecy. Her powers are to turn into a raven, and she can turn others into various types of birds. Her powers come with a price, however, resulting in immense weakness, sickness, and often a loss of memory, though that isn't as often as the other two.


Ravenkit is born to Poppyfleck and Darksilver in RavenClan with a younger brother, named Redkit. She is the weakest of the litter.

She opens her eyes a day after birth, and the day after, she begins crawling feebily (a suprise, considering how weak she is), showing that despite her weakness, she is determined to be stronger.

She and her family later leave RavenClan and become loners. She takes on the name Raven


Ravenkit is very determined and dedicated to what she does, even is she can't do some of the thing that her brother can do. She is very intelligent, and she deeply cares for her brother.

Despite her weakness, she shows a tremendous amount of energy.



Poppy ~ Living


Darkness ~ Living


Aka ~ Living


Dogclaw ~ Living


  • Her future mate will be Tsuki
  • Her warrior name is comfirmed to be Ravenpoppy False, she is a loner and will stay a loner

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