Rainbowstar: White she-cat with rainbow color swirls of blue, green, yellow, red, purple, pink, orange, teal, midnight, and black. (Meadow)


Falcondive: Silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes and sleek wings, (Eagle) Apprentice; Mosspaw

Medicine cat

Tawnyleaf: Green she-cat with silver eyes and molted brown spots, (Eagle)


Rosepaw: Creamy-pink-ginger she-cat with small, slightly darker markings, like roses, reddish tinted paws, and pale blue-green eyes. A linguist; translates for Rhymepaw, her best friend; she is often found with her for that reason. (Luna)


Meadowwind: Tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes. (Meadow) Apprentice; Icepaw

Pearlfang - a brownish grey tom with a white muzzle and paws, with a tail larded dark brown, brownish grey and white. (Meadow)

Beecloud: Black tom with white stripes, black wings, and blue-eyes. Brother of Twigfall, Sharpleaf, Birchwhisker, and Maplefrost. (Splash)

Twigfall: Brown tabby tom with white paws, brown tabby wings, and green-eyes. Brother of Sharpleaf, Beecloud, Birchwhisker, and Maplefrost. (Splash)

Sharpleaf: Silver she-cat with white streaks, huge silver wings, and leaf green-eyes. Sister of Twigfall, Beecloud, and Maplefrost. (Splash)

Birchwhisker. Brown tabby tom with green-eyes, and brown wings. Brother of, Sharpleaf, Maplefrost, Twigfall, and Beecloud. (Splash)

Maplefrost: Brown tabby tom with blue-eyes, black wings, and black paws. Brother of Sharpleaf, Twigfall, Beecloud, and Birchwhisker. (Splash)

Skysearch - Clever, witty, pale blue-gray and white tabby tom with bright silver patches, like scattered shards, long, sharp claws, a long, fluffy tail, and pale blue eyes like the sky. Skidwing's brother. (Luna) Apprentice; Robinpaw

Blazetail: A female she-cat with cinder red fur, determined blue eyes and strange midnight black markings in the shape of a dragon on her tail. Is feisty, powerful and cheerful. Her mother is a cat while her father is a Pomeranian dog, so she can turn into a beige colored Pomeranian. For strange reasons can become a Pomeranian/dragon hybrid that breaths fire, hence to her name. (Tomboygirl1217) Apprentice; Ratpaw

Darknight: A tom with fur the color of the starless night, and his eyes of burning coal. (Eagle/Meadow) Apprentice; Synchronicypaw

Sunsetherb- pinkish orange tabby she-cat with amber eyes (Sunsetherb)

Bluefire-Ginger she-cat with blue eyes(Firepixie)

Mousefeather: Pure black she-cat with stunning green eyes. (Cottonfur)

Hawkfur: Black and white tom with amber eyes, mind reader. (Cottonfur) Apprentice; Cheerpaw

Gingerstone: Flaming ginger tom with green eyes. Over-confident and slightly hot-headed. (Meadow) Apprentice; Foxpaw

Shineleaf-silver tabby she-cat. (Kitty)

Shimmertail - Slender, skinny, fluffy, long-haired, soft-furred, pale silver spotted tabby she-cat with a black-ringed tail, tufted ears, a tufted tail tip, white paws, and pale, soft, gentle hazel eyes. (Luna)

Poppyblaze - Cocky, ambitious, fluffy, long-haired, handsome, overconfident, pale brown tabby tom with small black flecks scattered through his pelt, like poppy seeds, and dark, sapphire-blue eyes. (Luna) Apprentice; Paradisepaw

Skidwing - Shy, fluffy, short-haired, ruffled, quiet, introverted, nervous, abnormally undersized, pale blue-gray and white she-cat with silvery paws, a long, soft, slightly longer-furred tail, and pale, shining ambery-green eyes. Skysearch's sister. She can heal mortal wounds. (Luna)

Leaffeather - Caring, loyal, cheerful, smiley, happy, bright-minded, dark ginger and light brown tom with one black paw, long, sharp claws, and bright, luminous, handsome, sparkling, leaf-green eyes. (Luna) Apprentice; Raggedpaw

Shimmersong- a grey tabby she cat with dragon like wings, blue eyes. (Meadow)

Cloudpetal: White and gray dappled she-cat with blue eyes. Smart and enthusiastic. Catches on to stuff very easily and has a way of knowing things she shouldn't. (Meadow) Apprentice; Ravenpaw

Rhymesong - Small, light yellowish-ginger she-cat with black ears and forehead, a white skull marking on her forehead, and large, wide turquoise-blue eyes. She can only speak Russian, and is almost always found with her best friend/translator, Rosepaw. (Luna) Apprentice; Luckypaw {C}Nettleflight: Light brown tom with black front paws and sharp green eyes(Crystal)

Sweetflower: White she-cat with amber eyes and gray patches (Crystal)

Ripplepelt: Silver she-cat with blue eyes (Crystal)

Crabclaw: A pinkish tom with ocean blue eyes. Mate to Wonderpelt.(Gem)

Wonderpelt: A black cat with a white paw sized spot on her chest and blue eyes. Mate to Crabclaw. (Gem)

Dragonfire, green tabby tom with sleek silver scales and can breath fire. Silver eyes. (Meadow) Apprentice; Owlpaw

Saiyanfur, black tabby tom. When angry he turns golden yellow and can make earthquakes and thunderstorms. When this happens he's called Supersaiyanfur (Eagle)

Deathwhisper- Black-ish purple she-cat with a purple hood and cape (Eagle)

Indagotalon. Shes a pruple she cat and a warrior without a mate. She pink eyes. (Jaydream)

Skyblossom, light brown tabby she-cat. Can change weather patterns.(Cotton)

Moonlight, A white tabby she-cat. Face turns blue during a full moon.Cotton)

Sunfall a ginger she-cat. Has the power to cause an eclipse. (Cotton) Frostdapple: Pure white she-cat with silky long fur, dark, intense, blue-grey eyes and a long, bushy tail. (Shiny)

Wingfeather- A black she-cat with a wing on her back, Green eyes (Meadow)

Cloveheart- A Red She-cat ith Blue- brown eyes (Leaf)

Blackknight - Black she-cat with white paws, a red muzzle and hazel eyes. (Dead)

Heraldsky - Big and strong blue tom with light brown paws and amber eyes. (Dead)

Darkawakening - White dappled tom with a black head and hazel eyes. (Dead)

Forceclaw - Red she-cat with abnormally long claws and bright green eyes. (Dead)

Gorgetooth - Black and brown tom with amber eyes and a scar along his muzzle. (Dead)

Silverfur- Metallic silver tom with silver eyes and a silver surfboard he controls with his mind. (Eagle)

Ivyclaw- Brown tom with dark green eyes and dark green tabby stripes. Mate: Thornpelt. (Leaf)

Feathersky- blue-gray tom with grey eyes and a gray undercoat. (Leaf)

Snowfur- White shecat with hazel eyes and gray dots.Sisters with Shelltail ( Leaf)

Shelltail- Beige shecat with green eyes and gray tabby stripes. Sister is Snowfur (Leaf)

'Iceheart' - 'Tiny, myserious, narrow-muzzled, short-haired, thick-pelted, glossy, feisty, mischievous, pure, snow-colored, white she-cat with a long, plumy, fluffy tail, a bright reddish-ginger tail tip, toes, and muzzle, and pale pinky-red eyes. Injected with the DNA of a albino fox. 6 moons old. (Cotton)

Secreteyes- Purple shecat with dark blue eyes and blue streaks ( Leaf )

Poolpelt- Aqua tom with light green eyes and white spots ( Leaf )

Raggedclaw - Long-limbed, short-haired, thick-pelted, ragged, fluffy, energetic, hyper, wild, funny, wolf-like, muscular, big, strong, dark gray tom with dark brown, pale gray, black, and dark golden stripes scattered throughout his pelt, and dark green eyes rimmed with fiery orange. Injected with the DNA of a wolf. 6 moons old. Icekit's best friend.(Cotton)

Foxfur - Fiery, a daredevil, cocky, a rule-breaker, short-haired, sleek, nimble, fox-like, mischievous, tricky, feisty, clever, daring, energetic, often pranking others, dark red and black streaked she-cat with a short, sleek pelt, small, nimble paws, and sparkling, slightly bright brown eyes. Injected with red fox DNA. 6 moons (Cotton)


Robinpaw: Ginger she-cat with red underbelly, amber eyes and wings(Cinder) Ratpaw, a brown she-cat. Makes anything that happens in her mind happen in real life.(Cinder)

Fourpaw, was the fourth kit of his litter. Dark blue tom with robin wings. Flys faster then light. (Cinder)

Synchronicypaw - Small, light blue-gray tabby she-cat with a long, fluffy tail, long, silky fur, two pinkish-ginger rings around her ears, with another one around her tail, a silver paw with unusually sharp claws on it, similar to little swords, and light teal eyes with a patch of white fur, like a mask, around them. Often fights with her brother, Paradisekit. 6 moons old. (Luna)

Paradisepaw - Small, slightly spiky-furred, fluffy, long-haired, light yellowish-ginger tabby tom with one silver paw with unusually sharp claws on it, similar to little swords, a slightly longer tuft of fur on the back of his head, tufted ears and tail tip, a black ear tip, and pale turquoise eyes, similar to the ocean of a tropical paradise. Often fights with his sister, Synchronicykit. Searching for something, but he doesn't know what. 6 moons old. (Luna)

Mosspaw Siver she-cat with green eyes, timid and scared of almost anything. 6 moons old. (Meadow)

Ravenpaw: Black she-kit with violet eyes. Can turn into a raven. (Meadow)

Owlpaw;A gray she-kit with owl-like eyes. Can turn into an owl. (Meadow)

Luckypaw. A green tom with a four leaf clover on his belly (Cotton)

Tailpaw - Small, tan she-cat, but is strong and agile and has red eyes. (Dead)

Cobrapaw,sandy colored tabby tom with green eyes. Has cobra venom in his teeth and can hear the faintest of whispers and read minds. Was frozen in ice for 6 moons before being found by Brightkit. Moons Old (Dead)

Brightpaw,Bright yellow she-cat with black eyes. Makes things move with her mind. 5 Moons Old (Dead)

Lilypaw: Vivid red she-cat with bright, emerald green eyes, silky long fur, and four white paws. (She is the single kit of Frostdapple)

Ravenkit, Pure black tom, with raven wings, his father was a cat, his mother a raven. Can speak cat and raven. moons old.(Cinder)

Ebonypaw- Dark blue shecat with hazel eyes and a dark green stripe ( Leaf )

Streakpaw- White tom with blue patches and black streaks ( Leaf )


Wrenwing - golden tabby she-cat with blue eyes (Ducksplash)

Rayhope - Protective, light yellowish-ginger she-cat with a strip of Two-leg material tied around her head in a bow, similar to bunny ears, a nicked ear, long claws, soft, fluffy, short-ish fur, and luminous, secretive, mysterious turquoise eyes. Mother of Skysearch's kits, Synchronicypaw and Paradisepaw. (Luna)

Topazeyes: A white and-blue tinted she-cat with reflective brown eyes that resemble topaz. (RealBending)

Lilyflower - A beautiful,fluffy,she-cat with a very light brown tail and face with dark brown rimmed ears and a small pink nose, blue eyes with thick, soft fur. (Kitty)

Cederscar- a Russet she-cat with scars from Battles she has been in. Nurseing Hawkfur's kits (Meadow)

Proudheart - She is teal with white paws and a white tail tip, and on her belly is a curved pink star with a red heart inside. Expenting Darknight's kits (Meadow)

Rainbowstar: White she-cat with rainbow color swirls of blue, green, yellow, red, purple, pink, orange, teal, midnight, and black. Expenting Darknight's kits (Meadow)

Thornpelt: Black she-cat with purple eyes, gray swirls around pelt, and silver wings. Expecting Ivyclaw's kits (Leaf)


Leopardkit: black she-cat (Ducksplash)

Honeykit: tortoiseshell she-kit (Ducksplash)

Lightningkit: Ginger tom with amber eyes. Goldenbreeze and Mintkit's brother. Brought to RainbowClan by his older sister Goldenbreeze when their family was killed by a troublesome family of foxes. 4 moons old. (Cinder)

Mintkit: Silver tabby she-cat with green eyes. Goldenbreeze and Lightningkit's sister. Brought to RainbowClan by her older sister Goldenbreeze when their family was killed by a troublesome family of foxes. 4 moons old. (Cinder)

Bluekit: A pale-blue she-kit with big blue eyes. She isn't very talkative, but when she talks about a two-leg thing called "sauce." 5 Moons (RealBending)

Tintkit: A silver tom with big watery silver eyes.He can read minds so he tells the others what his sister means when she says "sauce." 5 Moons (RealBending)

Rosekit: Ginger she-cat with green eyes, adventurous, curious and friendly. 5 moons old. (Meadow)

Cinderkit: Fluffy silver tabby and white she-cat with blue eyes and blue stripes. Tigerkit and Hollykit's sister. 5 moons old. (Cinder)

Hollykit: Golden brown tabby she-cat with green eyes and green stripes. Cinderkit and Tigerkit's sister. 5 moons old. (Cinder)

Tigerkit: Bright orange tom with black and silver stripes. Hollykit and Cinderkit's brother. 5 moons old. (Cinder)

Flowerkit: Pretty ginger and white she-cat with amber eyes. 3 moon old (Kitty)

Dasiykit: Long-haired beautiful cream she-cat with soft fur. 3 moon old (Kitty)

Frostkit: White she-cat with a ginger tail. 3 moon old (Kitty)

Goldkit - Gold she-cat with sparkly gold wings (Rosekim)

Silverkit - Silver she-cat with glowing paws and tail tip. (Rosekim)

Bronzekit - Brown tom, with the ability to make things into reality by thinking them. (Rosekim)

Rainakit - She-cat red and orange, yellow color blended together naturally. (Rosekim)

Nightkit- A black she-cat, with a teal tip tail and paw with golden eyes. 1 Moon (Meadow)

Starkit- A Black She cat wuth stars all over her pelt that change color 1 moon (Meadow)

Ravenkit- A Pure Black Tom with eyes of red. 1 moon (Meadow)

Shadowkit- A Pure black tom with Red eyes1 moon (Cotton)

Killerkit- A Cream and White tom. moon1 (Meadow)

Heronkit- White she-kit with black streaks on her head like a heron. 1 moon.(Eagle)

Pebblekit- A silver she-cat.1 moon (Cotton)

Lightkit- A Black and white tom 1 moon (Cotton)

Singerkit- shekit, brown pelt with deep purple eyes 1 moon (Meadow)

Cloverkit- shekit ,white pelt with green tint and bright green eyes. 1 moon (Cotton)

Soulkit- she-kit ,black pelt, green eyes, and a gray dot on her forehead 1 moon (Leaf)

Dawnkit- shekit, blonde pelt, purple eyes , red wings , orange tail,muzzle, and feet1 moon (Eagle)

Nightkit- tom, Black pelt, green eyes, white wings, white crecent moon shape on forehead 1 moon (Leaf)

Dewkit- tom, blue pelt , gray wings , yellow eyes. Abandoned by mother, found by Rainbowclan. (Leaf)

Wolfkit- tom, white pelt, gray wings, blue eyes. Abandoned by mother, found in Rainbowclan. (Leaf)


Tealily: A golden she-cat with bright green eyes. (RealBending)

Former Members

Spottedwing: Pure black she-cat with sparkling blue eyes. Killed by *coughDarknightcough* Rouges (Cottonfur)

Goldenbreeze: Golden tabby and white she-cat with amber eyes. Lightningkit and Mintkit's sister from an older litter. She brought her younger brother and sister to join RainbowClan when their family was killed by a troublesome fox family. Killed by *coughProudheartcough* Rouges. (Cinder)

Rosethorn: Rose colored she-cat with brown eyes. (Meadow) Killed by*Cough* Mousefeather *Cough* Rouges

Lightningstrike: Huge brown tabby tom with dark blue eyes. Has many ear nicks and a small scar by his nose. One of Proudheart's favorite friends. Killed by Slice (Eagle)

Lokikit, black-ish gray tom with blue-green eyes. Has a helmet with 2 horns on it. Can use magic and control others. Exiled by Rainbowstar (Eagle)

Windpelt: Intelligent, smoky grey tom with brilliant blue eyes and a long, furry tail. (Shiny)

Cheerpaw. A pink she-kit with a Rainbow on her belly. Killed by a willowclan cat (Cotton)

Emberpelt: Tough ginger tabby tom with green eyes. Killed by WillowClan cat (Cotton)


To any one in Rainbowclan who is going to be in the final battle we are going to RP Here

Thanks to everyone who has read or Role-played here.

We are going to have a Next Gen. SO if you'd like to be a part of it as a Major cat go to my blog

Limesplash "I'm in love with a Rapist?" 22:33, July 6, 2012 (UTC)

Now I know some users are busy but if they haven't responded to the message left on there talk page i'm taking away there cats till they can RP them. GO to the talk page to see if any of your cats are there or if you qwish to adopt them.

16:44, July 26, 2012 (UTC)

Trailer of The Next Gen.

Starkit was waiting for her mother to get back from war. She knew nothing about her furture in Rainbowclan if her mother lost.What if Rainbowstar threw her and her littermates out of the clan to fend for them self? If she did.... Starkit shook her head. That wasn't going to happenif she had anything to do with it. Hermothersaid that oneof them would betray their mother, and another would stray. She looked across the clearing. Nightkit sat there, barly taking her eyes off the apprentices training. Ravenkit waited for a chance to to attack one of the other kits. Starkitwas waiting there when Rainbowstar walked over. She took one look at Starkit and shook her head. "You shouldn't have the stars on your pelt." She said calm, it was her eyes that were blazing. "You will end up like your mother, Proudheart" She snorted. "mykits and all the othersstill loyal to this clanand the codewillstop you" she looked at her kits. "Just wait and see" Rainbowstar walked away after that last word. Maybe Starkit was wrong, Maybe she wouldn't just exile her and her littermates, She might kill them.

Moonsong "You Touch Me, I Kill You, Sound Fair?" 12:00, July 25, 2012 (UTC)

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