This cat is Roleplayed by Meadow.


Rainbowstar is the leader of Rainbowclan. Rainbowstar and her mother made Rainbowclan in a beautiful place filled with Waterfall's and Marsh's. Rainbow wanted for all outcasted because of their diffrent's, to have a home, where they could show their true colors.

Rainbow found some cat's outcasted by the friends, family, and some, their Towlegs. They formed Rainbowclan to honor Rainbow and Rainbowstar, but just before her mother could reiceve her nine lives and her colors, she fell Down a waterfall. The cats of Rainbowclan voted on the next leader, they decided that it would be Rainbowstar to lead them.

Rainbowstar has lived in the in the 'Water ways of Rainbow's'(their territroy) her whole life. She never knew her father, only his name, Ashcloud. Also that he hated the colors that her mother loved so much, her mother found his body a few days before she had her. Rainbowstar thinks her father walks in 'The place of Grey Clouds'(The Dark Forest.) When she was a kit she learned about the Great clans form travaler's that pasted though. She and Rainbow waited long till after she was of the age of being a warrior, for enough cats to come to from the clan.

Rainbowstar has received a warning Rainbow ans Falcondive about her sister, who is reveled to be, Proudheart. The warning was Do not fear if danger falls near. The day after this Omen was received, Proudheart appreeded at camp. Rainbowstar welcomed her into the clan, much to dispited of Falcondive and Rainbow who were trying to warn her about this cat.

The day after she met Darknight.

Ranbowstar after making Saiyenkit and Dragonkit into Apprentices, brock up a fight with them. She has decided to make Falcondive and Proudheart to train them together, even though she know that they don't like each other, both mentors and apprentices. she thoguht that this would be a good way to stop any more fights from Falcondive, Proudheart, Dragonpaw and Saiyanpaw. that night after she had a dream in which she met Darknight, and he showed her how he felt about her, and she in which showed the same.

She gave Skykit, Moonkit and Sunkit mentors. Two of which were not on Proudheart's side. Herself and Spottedwing. She also gave Cederscar Skykit as an apprentice. Moonkit was unraged at Rainbowstar because she was beinged mentored by both Proudheart and Rainbowstar.

She has started to show romantic intresed in Darknight, and he releved to Hawkfur that she wants to have kits with him.


  • Rainbowstar will one day soon have kits.
  • Rainbowstar's will have a mate named Darknight.
  • Rainbowstar's Warror name was Rainbowlight.
  • Rainbowstar's birth name was Snow but was changed five days later.
  • It was changed to Rainbow, which sometimes confused them.
  • She will have three kits (if you have any names you would like put them on the talk page.)


Heather Dale, Hero, Rainbowstar to Proudheart

Kellianna, Warrior Queen, for when she dies.


Mother: Rainbow, was rushed of a Waterfall by Proudheart.: Lives with the Cats of Colours/Place of Rainbows .

Father:Ashcloud: Killed by Rainbow. : Lives in Place of Grey Clouds .

Littlermates:Proudheart:Living, Rainbowclan.

What she looked like without colors

Disclamer, I didn't add any of these picture to the wiki. I found them, but when I went to add them it said I couldn't, as they were already here. So I had to look till I found them.




Rainbowstar without colours

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