Leader: Crimsonstar
Deputy: Redscreech
Medicine Cat/Apprentice: Open

A large, muscular, fluffy reddish-brown tom trots toward you upon your arrival through the shrubbery of the gates. His glare, warm and welcoming, meets your curious and adventurous ones. "Greetings, adventurer." The tom spoke, voice booming and enunciated. It was deep, too, you noticed. Nodding in response, you began to peer around the camp.

Leafy green trees loomed overhead, giving plentiful shade to the Clan in this humid heat. under them, you saw a series of bushes in rows along the walls. Yet they were not ordinary; not at all. They were made of the twigs from the branches! So you saw: the guards' dens closest to the gate, next to those the arsenaries, the Wise and Old, the apprentices, and finally the medicine cat.

"I see you have taken notice to our setup of the camp," the tom broke your train of thought as you seemed engulfed in the scenery. "I am sorry. I seem to have forgotten to introduce myself in the process. I am Crimsonstar, the leader of this here RedClan, the Clan of Courage. You have forgotten as well. My den and Blaze Peak." A singed rock stood erect in the middle of camp, a ring of bush around it, except with slightly stronger twigs.

You learned about the territories, and the ranks of the cats in the Clan, too. Along with the fact that GreenClan is the most hated Clan amongst RedClan cats.

RBCterritory try 2 Old

Map of the Territory

Rules, Rites of Power, & Extra


  • No cats may ever have any connection with the colour green outside of necessary contact (nature, herbs, etc.)
  • All pairings in RedClan must be approved by Crimsonstar.
  • Whatever you do, don't try and be sneaky. Just don't.

Rites of Power

  • From back and back and back, the most genetically-fit cats were paired to create at least two kittens: A tom and a she-kit. The she-kit will grow up to mate with the next most genetically-fit tom. The tom will grow to become the Heir, or the next leader. The leader is always named Crimsonstar (regardless of name beforehand) in honour of the one that has founded RedClan, the current Crimsonstar. (Or so he says, rumour has it that Redscreech was the one who created RedClan, but instead handed leadership to Crimsonstar.)
  • You remain with your Rites until death.




  • Crimsonstar - A reddish-brown tom with darker aurburn spots along his body, long, soft fur, and seemingly warm and welcoming amber eyes. (Troutie)


  • Redscreech - A reddish-brown tom with darker spots along his body. He has pale yellow eyes, and is Crimsonstar's little brother. (Troutie

Chosen/Future Chosen Queen:

  • Open!/Open!

Medicine cats:

  • Mothtongue - A sandy-coloured tom with yellow eyes and a surprisingly soft tongue. (Troutie)

Arsenaries (Warriors):

  • Birdcry - A dark ginger tom with dark amber eyes and a plumy tail. (Troutie)
  • Roughbelly - A brown tabby she-cat with deep blue eyes, which are unusual in the Clan. (Troutie)
  • Rosewhisker - Black-furred she-cat with blue eyes (Meadow)
  • Flashsecret - Ginger tom with dark amber eyes (Meadow)
  • Scarletear- Orange she-cat with reddish orange spots and hazel eyes. (Wist)
  • Smokepetal - Fluffy mottled dark gray she-cat with one white paw, and dark yellow eyes that sometimes appear hazel. (Luna)
  • Speckleblaze - White-flecked dark ginger tabby tom with golden eyes. (Luna)


  • Open!

Scamperers (Kits):

  • Open!

Wise and Old:

  • Open!

Deceased RedClan cats



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