RefugeClan is a clan that lives in an old abandoned shack. They are not an official clan, but they are planning to be one. This clan was formed by foxstar, a kit who was abandoned from another clan. She searched for rouges to use as well, and she found three. Their names were dagger, snow, and shadow. She took them in and renamed them daggertalon, snowshine, and shadowstorm. Together, they hunt for rouges to use. Foxstar is the leader, though she is only 5 moons old. They decided to make their camp in their old barn. It worked well. They still seek rouges and loners for the clan.

Leader: Foxstar- young ginger kit with brown paws and a bushy tail.

Deputy: lustheart- black tom with dark gray splotches

Medicine cat: snowshine- beutiful white she cat

Warriors: Daggertalon- reddish brown tom with small sharp claws

Shadowstorm- black tom with white and brown splotches

Ravenstrike- black she cat with white paws and a brown muzzle

If you want to join, feel free to ask! You may use edit and write a description below. I will either move it up or delete it. That is how you ask.

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