Rhythmlight is a small, fearful, fluffy, slightly spiky-furred, battered, ragged-furred, scarred, scared, shy, nervous, jumpy, skittish, shaky, silent due to his short, yet horrifying, past, weak, bony, sickly, raspy, weak-voiced, yet hopeful, dreaming, often lost in dreams, deprived, lost, light yellowish-ginger tom with long, very ragged fur, several scars as a result of being beaten in his short past, long, sharp claws, a long, fluffy, very ragged tail, long, very weak, bony legs that can barely carry him, a thin, bony frame from abuse, even though it was short, a silver ring around each of his paws and his neck, a silver chain pattern connecting each of the rings, similar to shackles, a small, paper plane-like, pale creamy-white marking on his right forepaw, and pale, lost, frightened, fearful, scared, horrified, turquoise eyes.



Rhythmlight is very small and bony, with long, spiky, ragged, somewhat fluffy yellowish-ginger fur. His tail is long, and fluffier than the rest of him. He has long, yet thin legs that seem barely able to carry him, along with a thin, weak-looking body. Around his paws and neck are silver rings, connected to each other on the inside of his legs, underbelly, neck, and chest by a silver chain pattern. A small creamy-white marking, similar in shape to a paper plane, is visible on his right forepaw. His body is laced with scars barely covered by his fur. His eyes are pale turquoise, showing many of his emotions.


Physical Health;

Rhythmlight began as a weak, sickly tom, and despite a lot of care, he hasn't grown much stronger. While his strength is surprising given his size and frame, he has a very weak immune system and is highly prone to getting sick. He dreads leaf-bare because he knows he'll get sick.

Mental Health;

Mentally, Rhythmlight is surprisingly stable. Despite post-traumatic stress disorder from his abuse, as well as a fear of being alone, he has a surprisingly strong grip on his mental health issues. Sure, he has bad panic attacks and nightmares, especially about his abuse and about the dog attack on RisingClan, but he manages surprisingly well.


Rhythmlight is very shy and nervous around just about any cat, mostly due to his father. He's very skittish and silent because of Shadescar, also. He is, however, very hopeful, as he managed to survive when his father was sure he would die. He has defied expectations from everyone, appearing scrawny and weak while hiding an inner strength.
His one wish prior to his apprenticeship is to avenge his sister, who died due to Past-Time Grove mating via Shadescar to Risingsky, by killing Shadescar. While he keeps it his top priority during his apprenticeship
After staying in RisingClan for a while, he begins to open up, and Rhythmlight slowly becomes less skittish. He even becomes slightly chatty when with the other apprentices, though he speaks incredibly quickly because he's afraid taking too long will upset others.

Skills and Abilities;

Aside from surprising skill in battle, not much is known about Rhythmlight's abilities. Overall, he is fairly weak.



Prisonerkit was born to Risingsky and Shadescar in Past-Time Grove with one sister, Planekit, who was born dead. He was so weak at birth that his father didn't even bother ageing him. His father instead decided to beat him cruelly in front of his delusional mother, who could't do anything.
After he was beaten, he was left abandoned, sure to die.
Prisonerkit had weakly managed to get up and break into a full run to RisingClan, his only hope.

In RP;


He is found by Shellpaw, Foxstorm, and Breezewillow, and he begs for help before he falls unconscious.
His memories are searched by Sparkpaw, and he tells Shellpaw about his past.
Prisonerkit later is brought with Shellpaw and Windpaw to figure out what the mysterious virus, Bloomflower, that Shadowpaw and Hopepaw (and later Risingstar and a kit named Paperkit) have caught.
They end up running into Willowkit and Lonepaw, and the group is teleported to Group 935.
After the Bloomflower epidemic is over, he returns home with the other cats.
He is later named an apprentice, though he refuses to change his name. His name, to him, is a reminder of his past and the mission he gave himself. Prisonerpaw then becomes Shellwater's apprentice.
Prisonerpaw's apprenticeship goes well, and he becomes good friends with Paperpaw and Onepaw, his denmates.
As he nears his assessment, dogs led by Shadescar break into RisingClan camp, and Prisonerpaw confronts Shadescar, eventually killing the tom for the safety of his Clanmates before helping drive the dogs out of camp.
After the battle and Risingstar recovers somewhat, he is stripped of his original name and instead given the warrior name Rhythmlight.



Shadescar; Deceased, suspected Dark Forest member.


Risingsky; Living, verified Past-Time Grove producer.


Planekit; Deceased, verified StarClan member, reincarnated as Paperpaw.


Puffedfur; Living, member of SmokeClan.


  • He is based off of the Vocaloid song "Prisoner", and represents Len in the song.
  • He is confirmed to kill Shadescar later on in roleplay. He has done this.
  • He is confirmed to be mates with Paperpaw, who is actually the reincarnation of his sister. No one will ever find out about that last part, though.
  • Rhythmlight hopes to never use his powers on anyone.


Since he is a former prophecy member, Rhythmlight has a few powers.

  • Life Switch; He is able to switch bodies with a cat. However, he can only do this for a short period of time unless he wants to risk his body causing potential problems.
  • Body Manipulation; Regardless of if he switches bodies with a cat, he can manipulate their body. However, it's easier to do if he's switched bodies with them.
  • Memory Search; He is able to search through the memories of a cat he is in close contact with. He tends to use this to make villains realize they're not doing things correctly.


"You're wrong. I may not be able to save everyone, but I will be able to save others."
-Prisonerpaw to Shadescar RisingClan RPG


  • Kit: Prisonerkit
  • Apprentice: Prisonerpaw
  • Warrior: Rhythmlight



Shellwater; Living, member of RisingClan.


None (yet?)


Character Pixels;

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Life Image;


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