Riechter is a brown furred tom with darker brown lines, who is RPed by Wafflez44 in Group 935.

He wields a short, dual bladed schyth with claw marks on the wood and made of pebbles from his family stream, infused with his dying mother's blood.


Riechter is usually somewhat angry and sarcastic, but is extremely kind when you get to know him. He is also very lazy at times, sleeping quite often.

He is a very capable fighter, only using his double-bladed schyth if the enemy is too much to fight. He has a vast knowledge of many things, being quite an old cat.


Skills: He can 'jump', or travel dimensions at will, but it makes him tired if he does it too much.

History: He was born to two rogues, who raised him for a while, until, they died during a human force attacking them. Later, a loner taught him how to fight, and they lived together as great friends, until a clan cat killed him in a raid. Swearing revenge, he joined an opposing clan and lived a dangerous, scheming life there. He killed his mentor's murderer in a bloody battle, and getting his mission done, he left the clan, who were furious they left them, and attacked him. He killed them all, but was mortally wounded, and died. His mentor's spirit and him found a way out of there heaven homeland, and Riechter ended up in Group 935 soon after. His mentor let him live there, and died peacefully in his sleep, gone forever. Riechter's current mission is to find the dimension where his mentor currently is.


He is the main character of an anime I want to make, Riechter the main character in human form.

Riechter will have his own fanfiction, coming soon...

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