Riku is a slender, slightly muscular, handsome, long-furred, mysterious, agressive, slightly shy, introverted, thick pelted, charming, soft-featured, long-legged, soft-furred, pale silvery-gray tom with a long, silky, fox-like tail, a long, jagged scar on his side, a tattered, soft, once velvety black strip of fabric around his eyes, and (unseen) soft, intelligent, alert pale green eyes. He wears the band to conceal his darkness that he emnanates from his eyes, which he cannot control at all. He can bend them though, but he cannot stop the flow.

He is a member of the Organization.

Riku is also part of the The 2nd Generation Prophecy, and his abilities are to create and control all aspects of shadows and darkness. He has no control over his shadows that he produces, so they flow continously from his eyes. He wears the band of fabric to conceal that fact.


Riku was born to Heart and Bear with a single brother, Sora.

After Heart died, Bear took him and his brother to The Organization. They were accepted by Xemnas.

Riku later started to have shadows begin to pour from his eyes, and eventually wrapped a strip of black fabric around them to conceal this fact.

During the Great Battle, he stayed at camp to defend it from any Dark Team or Metal Pack loners who would come and attack.

After the Greatest Battle, he gets his first apprentice, Relena.

He also is teased by Xigbar for not having a mate.

Later, he meets two kittypets, named Zoey and Thestrel.

He later talks to Vantitas about his eye color, which he only vaugely remembers as a pale green shade.

Later, Riku goes with Hikari, Zoey, and most of the other prophecy cats to DawnClan to speak with Burrstar.

He and the other prophecy cats go to CloudClan's island, then the Crystal Pool, where they could be made into Star Cats and talk with StarClan.

Riku denies being a Star Cat, saying one power is enough for him. His mother, Heart, who was going to make him into a Star Cat, respects his decision and leaves back into StarClan.

He later fights in the Darkfire vs. DawnClan and StarClan. His eyes are revealed for the first time.

Later, Zoey gives birth to his kits; Xehanort, Blaze, Aurora, Juniper, Gin, and Layton. He his overjoyed.

He fights in the battle against Shade Pack, and is injured on his side, leaving a long scar.

Zoey later leaves for the mountians, he is worried for her but lets her go while he and Faolanwolf fight the wolves.


Riku is calm, collected, and not afraid to go outside his limits for his friends. He is very loyal and strong, but has a large competitive streak that gets him in trouble with Xemnas a lot.

He also has a vicious temper. He can get mad over the most simplest things, say a missed catch or something.

Riku seems to get along good with Xigbar, having been shown teasing him and stuff.


"Xigbar, no need to upset the she-cats. This is why you don't have a mate."

Riku to Xigbar; Orgnaization RPG.

"You could get a she-cat who likes old, scarred toms."

Riku to Xigbar; Organization RPG


  • He is based of the Kingdom Hearts character Riku.
  • Riku hates his shadow abilities.
  • He is in love with Zoey.
  • His Distortion World cat, Shadowless Riku, is the cat he wants to be: Free of his Shadows forever, which he thinks are torturous.


Riku Real life image~

RikurealRiku as a human/actual Riku~

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