This is a story witten by 4pinkbear.

This is the story of Sam025 and how he came to be. Its his entire story up beginning at joining EDF and until he and Elishia783's half-blooded kits are 2 moons old.

The Beginning of the End

"I told you! I don't want to fight!" Sam hissed, unsheathing his teal claws. His dark, teal-ish, mossy green fur bristled as he slashed Deskigo, his ruler, gently across the face. "You WILL obey me!" Deskigo growled, and gave Sam a glare in the eyes that forced him to sheath his claws and sit down on his hind legs. Sam calmed. "Yes master." he meowed with a sigh, and padded over to the armory to equip his shiny, silver battle gear. I don't want to kill anyone or anything, but if the Protoss will destory Earth, what choice do I have? Sam wondered. He closed his eyes and meowed softly, yet firmly, "Battle Gear! Fuse into my fur! Lend me your power!" He clenched his teeth as the armor smacked onto him, piece by piece, and his fur slowly, yet temporarily, disappeared. Large laser guns fused into his shoulders. "Let's do this!" Mason growled. Mason's usually reddish-brown fur was missing in his blue armor, and attached to his shoulders was a ray gun and a thunder gun. Mason always gets the awesome, powerful guns. And so does Woods and Reznov. Their both perfect. Woods and Reznov were both heartily chatting. Reznov's russian accent was very notable, as Woods' american blended in with the rest. Spoiled cats. It's only because Deskigo likes those 3 best. Not me, of course, but I'm the one who does all the dirty work, not them! Sam let out a growl and slowly moved towards the door to the battle field. He and all the other Earth Defense Force cats pelted out, Mimi right behind him in her blue-and-scarlet armor. With Deskigo leading them, surely it was safe to go fight the Protoss?

Worst mistake ever.


All of the EDF stopped. Where was the Protoss enemies? There was nothing there except the trees and bushes. What the!? Sam let out a hiss. The Protoss weren't invading yet! In fact, he was pretty sure they were all in their stupid little spaceships by now! Little did he know, Eborgation, leader of the Protoss, was right next to him, in a bush, waiting to spring out and grab him. However, Sam felt he was being watched. He prowled over to the left, farther from the bush. He saw a pair of eyes in the trees. "THEY ARE HIDING IN THE PLANTS! ATTACK!" Sam yowled, and hussled up the tree. A Protoss let out a yowl of shock as he was whacked off, and hit the ground hard.

Too hard.

No. I couldn't have... Sam thought in fear. A trickle of blood rolled out of its mouth. It was as he feared. It was dead. Eborgation, in his hairless lime green skin, yowled in anger. He glared at Sam, who was staring back in horror. Eborgation began climbing the tree! The lime alien cat sent a look at him that literally froze him onto the branch. Sam struggled to get free, to run away. Spare me! Spare me! He tried to yowl out for help, but his lips were glued together. Then, Eborgation whacked him in the forehead. Sam was out cold.


Sam awoke tied to a pole. His forepaws and hindpaws were tied together, leaving his belly exposed. His armor was piled on the floor"Where is Mason? Reznov? What about Woods?" he yowled angrily. A young she-cat stepped out, who had striking resemblance to Mimi, except without fur. "I killed them, one by one. But we kept you. We want you to feel pain, as our fallen warrior, Shibaan, had when you murdered him. "Woah, woah, woah! That was an accident! I didn't meen to kill Shibain!" he hissed. "Shibaan!" "Shibain, Shibaan, who cares? Let me go!" "Never!" With that, Eborgation stepped out, surprisingly walking on hind legs with ease, holding one of those medicine-shot things with the needle on the end. And it was filled with blood. What are they doing? "As punishment for the death of Shibaan, we have decided to enslave you. yet you are too powerful as a normal cat. We have to make you one of us. Elishia783 here has generated a perfect formula, using Shibaan's blood fused with a bit of another fallen warrior's. You are now to be my servant. Don't worry, it won't hurt a little. It will hurt infinity times a normal little claw rake!" the lime alien spat, forcing it into Sam's foreleg and holding it there until it all got into his furry body. Sam snarled, but was cut off by pain. He felt himself shrivel up, all his fur disappearing except for his tail-tip, and his legs grow thin and slightly longer. It felt like he was burning up. Eborgation hissed in evil laughter. "Help! Spirits of fallen Earth Defense Force! Save me!" he choked out. It felt like he had eaten a thousand deathberries, and was dying. His skin was like sharkskin, and his scaly legs were as if they were a dragon's. Fins sprouted from his sides, and scaled wings forced themselves out of his shoulders suddenly. That made it feel even worse. "We will not help you. You felt poorly of us!" Mason, Reznov, and Woods' spirits whispered in his ears, and vanished. "No! I didn't think poorly of you! HELP!" Then the world went black.

He became what he Hated.


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