Risingstar is a strikingly beautiful, silky-furred, lithe, calm, quiet, wise, intelligent, observant, black she-cat with white flecks, rings around her eyes, and muzzle, one bright, beautiful, intense, blue eye rimmed and flecked with orange, and a white azalea blooming where her left eye used to be. She has a soft, wise voice.



Risingstar's predominant pelt color is black, accented by scattered white flecks in her pelt, along with a white muzzle and rings around her eye sockets. Her fur is short, yet rather silky, and she has rather large, pointed ears. Her sole eye is rather striking: bright blue rimmed and flecked with shining orange. Her left eye socket hold a small, white azalea due to catching Bloomflower and dying from it three times.
Risingstar's body is lithe and lightly, yet sturdily, built. She has a normal-sized tail paired with slightly longer-than-average legs, along with slightly smaller-than-average paws and long, sharp claws. She has a few scars on her shoulders and back as a result of fighting in the Battle of the Forest. The most noticeable scar she has is one arching over her right eye, also from the Battle of the Forest.


Physical Health;

Risingstar is a fairly hardy she-cat. She's known to have a semi-strong immune system, and can fight off familiar diseases with little issue. Her body doesn't take even mild food poisoning that well, making her violently ill when she has bad prey. She also is extremely weak to new diseases, such as Bloomflower (which she originally took as a cold or even whitecough that could be slept off). She also takes a while to recover from injuries, as her pain tolerance is fairly low.

Mental Health;

As surprising as it may sound, Risingstar is among the most mentally-stable cats, despite going through a war against the Dark Forest, being raped, and creating her own Clan from scratch. She's able to deal with stress well, though she tends to block certain things out until she can deal with them. When she does that, things tend to get buried at the back of her mind until something triggers them and she lashes out. Thankfully, this doesn't happen with everything she blocks out, as she's dealt with some of the trauma (such as her rape) at a later time.


Risingstar is a calm, wise she-cat. She knows when to speak up and when to be quiet, and tries to do what's best for her Clanmates. This is among one of the reasons StarClan destined her to be a leader.
She sees herself as a strong, independent she-cat who can hold her own ground. This can make it hard for her to rely on others for help, especially in a fight. As much as she loves Fallendawn, Risingstar has an especially hard time accepting help from him.
She is also incredibly intelligent, as well as wise beyond her years. Risingstar can always come up with a piece of advice for a cat in need, as well as various ways to better the Clan.

Skills and Abilities;

Risingstar was known as one of FallenClan's best hunters while she was there, and is still recognized as one of RisingClan's best. She's an adept climber, though not the best swimmer (primarily due to never having to swim before). She's a good fighter as well, and specializes in strategy.
To see her powers, go to the section labeled "Powers" underneath the "Trivia" section.



Risingkit was born in FallenClan to Blackflame and Cloudsight with one sister, Swankit.

In RP;


She is first shown close to being apprenticed, along with her sister, Swankit. She's trying to convince herself that she doesn't need to go after toms and have a mate, though she is shown to like Fallendawn and Swiftflare, two of the younger warriors in FallenClan.
She is soon apprenticed to Fallendawn, and is shown to do her best to impress him.
Risingpaw is eventually named Risingnight, and her sister is named Swancloud.
She is discovered to be a prophecy cat, and is later revealed as a member of the 4th Generation Prophecy, along with her sister and Lunarkit (who was apprenticed during the prophecy.
During the Battle of the Forest, she is raped by Deadtail and gives birth to his kits: Emberkit, Moonkit, and Scorchkit. She gives them to Strawberryleaf of IrisClan, who takes them in and raises them as her own alongside her daughter, Luckykit.
She is later shown missing her three kits, wanting to get them back from Strawberryleaf. However, she decides against it, for IrisClan was simply too far away.
After some time, she feels as if she doesn't belong in FallenClan. Risingnight decides that she would create her own Clan along with her family and a few friends. She calls it RisingClan.


When Daisybird's kits are of age, she becomes the mentor of Creamypaw. Sadly, she dies a few days after the ceremony from severe food poisoning.
While she awaits a sign from StarClan that she is meant to be leader, Fallendawn and Littlethorn from FallenClan discover her Clan, asking to join. She allows them to join, and it becomes obvious that she and Fallendawn are mates.
A few loners also find the camp and ask the join. Risingnight allows them to, and becomes the mentor to one of them, now named Lightpaw.
Unfortunately, one of the new cats, Darkpaw, is killed by Twolegs while he was out hunting. She names him a warrior, Darkpelt, when his body is brought back to camp.
RisingClan soon receives their first medicine cat, a trained she-cat named Katnissblaze. Not long after she joins, she receives a dream from StarClan that Risingnight is meant to be leader.
She names Nightleaf the deputy of RisingClan.
Risingnight journeys to the Crystal Pool that night with Katnissblaze and receives her nine lives and new name: Risingstar.
Her apprentice is named a warrior, Lightsnow, and she becomes the mentor to Petalpaw not much later.
Petalpaw is later named Petalfox.
She is expecting Fallendawn's kits, and is told by little Sparkkit (who already seemed to be taking on the role of a medicine cat apprentice) that she would most likely have four. Risingstar and Fallendawn are shown trying to come up with good names.
Her kits are born, and they name them Shadowkit, Hopekit, Shellkit, and Windkit.
Her kits are apprenticed after six moons.
During the Bloomflower epidemic, she, Shadowpaw, Hopepaw, and the newborn Paperkit all catch it. She and her kits are the first to catch it, though Risingstar pays it no mind at first. Shellpaw and Windpaw, as prophecy cats, take Shadowpaw and Hopepaw for treatments.
When she finds that she lost two lives in her sleep and that her left eye has been replaced by a white azalea, Risingstar decides to go to Katnissblaze for treatment. She doesn't have a cure, so she goes off to find her kits, taking Paperkit (who had caught Bloomflower from her) along with her.
When she arrives at the treatment facility, she finds Hopepaw dead and Shadowpaw with a British accent talking about games. She names the two of them, along with Shellpaw and Windpaw (who were searching for a cure--later revealed as Frostleaves) warriors with the names Shadowhope, Hopefall, Shellwater, and Windrise.
The remaining three cats are all cured of their Bloomflower, though Shadowhope will always speak with his accent and she will always have the azalea in place of her left eye. Before she is cured, however, she loses another life to Bloomflower.
The cats all return to camp, where she informs the Clan about what happened.
Nightleaf, Katnissblaze, and Wheatwater (a warrior) all go missing. When they don't turn up, she names Rosewind the deputy, while Sparktruth becomes the medicine cat of RisingClan.
Eventually, some cats from IrisClan, including her other three kits, are discovered by Fallendawn, Littlethorn, and Moonpaw. They are brought back to camp, where Risingstar allows them to join the Clan.
A moon later, more cats from IrisClan and some from LightningClan are found in their territory, and she allows them to join.
Another moon later, a rogue named Shadescar leads dogs into RisingClan camp. Prisonerpaw realizes the rogue is his father, and fights him alone while the Clan fights off the dogs. Though they are successful in chasing them out, many cats die, and Risingstar loses two more lives.
To commemorate his bravery and how he saved many lives in the battle by killing Shadescar, Risingstar strips Prisonerpaw of his previous name, giving him the name Rhythmlight instead.



Deadtail (formerly); Deceased, verified Dark Forest member.
Fallendawn; Living, member of RisingClan.


Emberfox; Living, member of RisingClan.
Scorchclaw; Living, member of RisingClan.
Lunarblaze; Living, member of RisingClan.
Shadowhope; Living, member of RisingClan.
Hopefall; Deceased, verified StarClan member.
Shellwater; Living, member of RisingClan.
Windrise; Living, member of RisingClan.


Birdkit; Living, member of RisingClan.
Featherkit; Living, member of RisingClan.
Padkit; Deceased, verified StarClan member.


Cloudsight; Living, member of RisingClan.


Blackflame; Living, member of RisingClan.


Swancloud; Living, member of RisingClan.
Breezewillow; Living, member of RisingClan.
Starsky; Living, member of RisingClan.


Crowfoot; Living, member of FallenClan.
Winddusk; Living, member of FallenClan.


Oliveheart; Living, member of RisingClan.
Cinderflower; Living, member of RisingClan.
Mintfoot; Living, member of RisingClan.
Smallswan; Deceased, verified StarClan member.
Heartdrift; Living, member of RisingClan.


Lichenstripe; Living, member of RisingClan.
Boulderstorm; Living, member of RisingClan.
Sootclaw; Living, member of RisingClan.

Distant Ancestors;

Rising; Deceased, verified StarClan member.
Tinywhisker; Deceaced, verified StarClan member.


  • Risingstar was destined to become a leader and create her own Clan.
  • Like SpellClan, she recreated a once-destroyed Clan.
  • Like Lunarspell, she is descended from the founder and her mate of the original RisingClan, Rising and Tinywhisker.
  • She and Fallendawn will have at least one more litter, possibly more.
  • Yes, she will have some nephews at a later date. She's actually had nephews for a while, but they had been lost in RP for a long time.


As she is a former prophecy cat, Risingstar has a few powers.

  • Eternal Darkness; She is able to completely cover a small area in pure darkness.
  • Starry Shimmer; She can call upon the stars to give her enhanced strength, speed, agility, ect.
  • Rising Flier; She is able to float up to about five feet in the air, and can fly for a short period of time.


  • Kit: Risingkit
  • Apprentice: Risingpaw
  • Warrior: Risingnight
  • Queen: Risingnight/Risingstar
  • Leader: Risingstar



Fallendawn; Living, member of RisingClan.


Creamypaw; Deceased, verified StarClan member.
Lightsnow; Living, member of RisingClan.
Petalfox; Deceased, verified StarClan member.

Leader Information;

Nine Lives;

  1. Fallen, the founder of FallenClan; Wisdom. Lost to Bloomflower.
  2. Darkfur, the apprentice that died before he received his warrior name; The strength to do what's right. Lost to Bloomflower.
  3. Creamypaw, her first apprentice; Humor. Lost to Bloomflower.
  4. Strawberryleaf, the foster mother of her first three kits; A mother's love. Lost to dogs.
  5. Hollowstar, a leader who was trying to bring the remains of his fallen Clan to RisingClan; Tenacity. Lost to dogs.
  6. Emeraldfern, a medicine cat who told of the great things RisingClan would be; Courage and loyalty.
  7. Rubysky, a young warrior who would have joined RisingClan with some of her former Clanmates, but died before her time; Optimism.
  8. Tinywhisker, her ancestor and a member of the earlier RisingClan; Spirit.
  9. Rising, the founder of the earlier RisingClan; Endless willpower.


Nightleaf; Status unknown, thought to be deceased.
Rosewind; Living, member of RisingClan.


Character Pixels;

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Life Image;

Risingstar (Mirror it for post-Bloomflower)

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