Riverpaw is a blue-gray she-cat with light blue-gray streaks on her pelt, purple-blue-gray and white flecks scattered through her pelt and river blue eyes.

She is a kit in LightClan. She is roleplayed by Aspen.


Riverkit is born to Bluewing and Graystreak with no siblings in the early Summer. She opens her eyes right after she is born and Bluewing names her for her river blue eyes.

About a week later, Riverkit is often seen pestering her fellow kit, Forestkit, and playing with her other fellow kit, Silverkit.

She is then seen bothering Forestkit, then going to play with Silverkit.

She watches Forestkit and Silverkit get apprentices. After this, the complains to her mother, Bluewing, about them becoming apprentices before her.

Right before Ashypetal has her first kit, Riverkit yowls "Someone get her a stick!"

After Ashypetal's birth, Riverkit runs to Willowkit and introduces herself.

After a four moon timeskip, Riverkit is named Riverpaw with the mentor Bravestar. She is seen battle training with Forestpaw in the Training Cave.


Riverpaw is a bubbly, happy she-cat. She loves to play and pester Forestpaw and she is often called annoying by him.

Once Riverpaw becomes an apprentice, she is more serious and a little bit more ambitious, yet she still mantains her playful and bubbly nature.



Bluewing - Alive, LightClan


Graystreak - Alive, LightClan



Bravestar - Alive, LightClan


None yet.


Kit To Apprentice~

Coming soon!


"Come on, Forestkit! Lets play!"
-Riverkit to Forestkit in LightClan roleplay.



Character Art~

Real Life Image~


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