This is a story written by 4pinkbear. It is factual about Robinstar, incase you wanted to use something about him in roleplay.

Robinstar's Life

It all started the day he was born. His mother was Heartwing, and his father was Greatleap. Robinkit had 4 siblings: Shadowkit, Birdkit, Shiningkit, and Thrushkit. Flamestar didn't like Greatleap having kits, because Flamestar hated Greatleap. So, when the kits became apprentices, he took Heartwing as a forever prisoner. Robinpaw felt angered at this, and tried attcking Flamestar, who was also his mentor. Soon, He and his favorite and only brother, went on a walk. A badger attacked Robinpaw, nearly killing him, but Shadowpaw jumps in the way with a large, sharp stick, which killed Shadowpaw and the badger. Robinpaw was devastated, and so was Birdpaw. Birdpaw got so upset, she ran aay and joined DawnClan. Robinpaw went in a long depression. He still did his tasks perfectly, though. The next moon, at a Gathering, he saw his sister, who was now named a warrior, Birdwing, and her mate, Brokendawn. Robinpaw gained his warrior name, Robinstep. His other two sisters, Thrushpaw and Shiningpaw, got their names, too: Thrushwing and Shiningpath. Thrushwing soon had kits with a cat named Amberstep: Dustkit, Flamekit, Ravenkit, Moonkit, Clawkit, and Emeraldkit.

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