Leader: Boulderstar
Deputy: Willowfire
Medicine Cat/Apprentice: Grassfeather, Longtail

They live in a rocky mountian cliff, near JewelClan, but they also come into contact with FreezeClan and DuneClan cats too.

RockClan Cats


Boulderstar - Very large, foul-tempered, shaggy mottled pale gray tom with jagged scar on his flank, a thin scar on his shoulder, a badly torn ear, and pale blue eyes. Roleplayed by 4pinkbear.


Willowfire - Slender, charming, fiery, very small, slightly muscular, long-legged, very pale, sweet, yet slightly arrogant, short-tempered, gray she-cat with very long, silky fur, a long, feathery, silky, very fluffy, plume-like tail, both ears scarred and torn terribly, a long, jagged scar on her face starting at her forehead and ending at the corner of her mouth that bears slight resemblence to a lightningbolt, very long, sharp, daggerlike claws, a soft, bright pink nose, and large, intense, fiery orange-red eyes with flecks of sunset-amber and sky-blue in them. Roleplayed by Dove.

Medicine Cat:

Grassfeather - Small, muscular, long-furred, kind, wiry, long-limbed, intelligent, slightly stocky, powerful-looking despite his size, fair, light brown tabby tom with darker paws, chest, muzzle, and tail, green-gray tail tip, and pale, grass-green eyes. Roleplayed by Dove.


Longtail - Wiry pale brown tabby tom with black stripes, a v-shaped nick in his ear, a long tail, and pale blue eyes. A former warrior. Burrstar's Brother. Roleplayed by Jack.


Shadowleap - Fluffy black she-cat with round blue eyes. Boulderstar's sister. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Honeyfeather - Kind pale golden-brown, the color of honey, spotted tabby she-cat with large blue eyes. Roleplayed by Jack.

Opalflower - Beautiful white she-cat with a jagged scar on her flank, and calm, pale amber eyes. Roleplayed by Jack.

Hamstertail - Cynical black tom with a fluffy tail and narrow amber eyes. Roleplayed by Jack.

Littleclaw - Small jet-black tom with long fur, unusually small claws, and green eyes. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Glowingfur - Pale pinky-grey she-cat with calm blue eyes. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Dogbite - Sleek dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes and muscular shoulders. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Rockfoot - Handsome, sleek, fluffy, muscular, dark gray tom with big black paws and calm, radiant green eyes the same shade as Raveneyes's. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Sloeleap - Sleek black she-cat. Roleplayed by 4pinkbear.

Webclaw - Small brown and dark gray tabby tom. Roleplayed by 4pinkbear.

Lotusleaf - Dark green she-cat. Roleplayed by 4pinkbear.

Birdear - Large black she-cat. Roleplayed by 4pinkbear.

Quartzpelt - Fluffy white she-cat. Roleplayed by 4pinkbear.

Goldshine - Gold-colored tom. Roleplayed by 4pinkbear

Silvershine - Silver she-cat. Roleplayed by 4pinkbear.

Feathercinder - Slender, pretty, charming, sleek-furred, lightly-built, soft-featured, elegant, bright-minded, small, thick-pelted, smart, flowing, kind, fair, gentle, short-haired, fluffy, pale silver tabby she-cat with darker silver-grey patches, a nicked ear, small, soft, gentle white paws, and intense, pale, blue-gray eyes. Roleplayed by Dove.

Blueblaze - Big, slender, sleek-furred, muscular, broad-shouldered, daring, fiery, solidly-built, powerful, slightly arrogant, light blue tom with bright red ears, paws, underbelly, tail tip, and mark on his forehead, dark ginger muzzle, and big, bright, and clear blue eyes. Roleplayed by Dove.

Bounceflame - Handsome, long-furred, cocky, witty, charming, alluring, seductive, muscular, short-legged, limber, slender, firey-ginger tom with faint tabby markings, fluffy, mud-stained, white paws, and calm, intense, soft, pale blue eyes that glow with a blazing inner fire. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Wheatwind - Small, slender, very shy, gentle, kind, aggressive when needed, long-legged, long-furred, golden-brown, the color of wheat, spotted tabby she-cat with soft, fluffy fur, small, fluffy white paws, like clouds, and big, round dark blue blue eyes. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Ebonyleaf - Small, slender, fluffy, charming, elegant, light-hearted, beautiful, long-legged, distant, dreamy, mysterious, pure, jet-black she-cat with a long, silky-furred tail, small white flecks on her paws, and dark, intense, and sharp emerald-green eyes with flecks of saphire, rose, and amethyst in them. Roleplayed by Dove.

Tornpelt - Muscular, slim, long-furred, handsome, broad-shouldered, fluffy, thick-pelted, long-legged, medium-sized, powerful, dark gray tabby tom with a ragged, patchy pelt, long claws, long fangs, a white muzzle, and very pale amber-yellow-blue eyes. Roleplayed by Dove.

Fallowstrike - Slender, beautiful, long-legged, muscular, opinionated, witty, cocky, aggressive, intelligent, blunt, slightly stoic, long-furred, black and white tabby she-cat with small, fluffy brown paws, sharp green eyes, and a fluffy, bushy, fox-like tail. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Citrusheart - Small, long-legged, slightly muscular, cheerful, slightly shy, bright-minded, intrepid, lithe, agile, sleek-furred, pure black she-cat with a long, fluffy, bushy tail, with a white tail-tip, and pale, shining, glittering, greenish-yellow eyes. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Lemonfur - Slim, fluffy, lithe, shy, introverted, quiet, observant, intelligent, slender, long-legged, light ginger tabby she-cat with pale, golden-yellow patches, two shaped like wings on her sides, tufted ears, and clear, observant, sparkling, pale amber eyes. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Yellowleap - Soft-furred, quiet, gentle, kind, witty, soft-spoken, short-legged, fluffy, pale yellow-golden tom with an fluffier, pale orange-ginger flash on his head, a long, fluffy, bushy, fox-like tail, and glittering, observant, dark sapphire-blue eyes. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Lightfur - Slim, skinny, long-legged, shy, delicate, introverted, gentle, kind, sweet, sleek-furred, very pale, almost white, yellow-golden she-cat with a thick, short, soft, pelt, and pale, light, intense amber eyes. Former rogue. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Darkpelt - Big, muscular, broad-shouldered, aggressive, hot-headed, fiery-tempered, gentle towards kits, very dark, almost black, brown tom with long, soft, feathery fur, a torn ear, a long, jagged scar on his muzzle, and dark amber-blue eyes. Former rogue. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Thunderstrike - Big, muscular, sleek-furred, broad-shouldered, powerful, intimidating, willing, brave, seemingly fearless, very dark ginger tom with huge white paws, very faint, jagged tabby markings, one intense, fiery amber eye, and one dark, earth-colored brown eye. Roleplayed by Dove.

Autumnwish - Big, muscular, slender, friendly, tomboyish, broad-shouldered, slightly arrogant, ambitious, yet kind, fair, dark yellow-ginger, red-brown, brown, dark purple-gray, and flame-ginger she-cat with white paws, and intense, fiery, sharp, brilliant orange-green eyes like autumn leaves. Roleplayed by Dove.

Hollyberry - Slender, small, mysterious, beautiful, quiet, calm, collected, flowing, gentle, very dark smoky gray she-cat with black mottle spots, a bushy tail, long claws, and dark, emerald-green eyes with flecks of red in them. Roleplayed by Dove.

Gorseslash - Large, muscular, long-furred, arrogant, ambitious, trying to be dominant, aggressive, stocky, broad-shouldered, dark ginger tabby-and-white tom with long, sharp claws, long fangs, long, sharp, daggerlike claws, and intense, green-amber-blue eyes with dark red, white, and black flecks in them. Roleplayed by Dove.

Wishflower - Slender, short-furred, sleek, pale silver she-cat with a soft, fluffy tail and calm blue eyes. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Leafheart - Small, slender, sleek-furred, pretty, golden-brown tabby she-cat with white paws, ear-tips, and tail tip with round leaf-green eyes. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Squirrelflame - Slender, long-furred, muscular, firey tempered, quick-thinking, dark ginger tabby she-cat with a long, fluffy, silky-furred tail, large gray paws, powerful haunches, and glowing, firey amber eyes. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Rainshadow - Very small, long-furred, lightly-built, beautiful, slightly tomboyish, shadowy, elegant looking, fluffy, soft-furred, thick-pelted, silky-furred, very dark, smoky-gray she-cat with dark blue-gray mottled patches, shimmery dark blue eyes, a single white paw and ear, the gray ear nicked, and a white tabby patch on the back of her neck. Roleplayed by Dove.

Shimmerpool - Large, slender, muscular, sleek-furred, tomboyish, broad-shouldered, long-legged, sturdy, tough, daring, brave, outgoing, pale silver tabby she-cat with very prominent black stripes, a single white paw and ear, long, sharp, pointed, daggerlike claws, and bright, clear amber eyes. Roleplayed by Dove.

Lightningscar - Small, scrawny, skinny, long-furred, swift, handsome, slender, long-legged, fluffy, kind, courageous, brave, yet at the same time slightly arrogant, black tom with large, softer-furred, fluffier white front paws, dark gray, almost black, rings around his eyes and legs, an unusual lightning-shaped scar on his forehead, a few clumps of fur missing from his tail, and bright, sharp, alert, almond-shaped, green eyes. Roleplayed by Dove.

Waterweb - Slender, long-legged, observant, taciturn, cheerful when spoken too, quiet, intensely shy, small, pale bluish-silver tabby she-cat with longer-furred, fluffy black patches, a long, fluffy, sleek-furred black tail, small white paws, unusually short claws, and intense blue eyes. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Driftfeather - Slim, wiry, small, aggressive, slightly hyper, personable, cheery, sleek black tabby tom with gray circles around his eyes, large, pointed ears, long, serrated, ivory-colored claws, and calm, clear, and bright amber eyes. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Clearflower - Slender, soft-furred, small, motherly, gentle, defensive, elegant, slightly pretty, long-legged, limber, pure, snow-colored white she-cat with long, sleek, fluffy fur, the consitancy of candyfloss, and calm, intense, dark green eyes. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Dawnpebble - Big, muscular, sleek-furred, long-legged, broad-shouldered, slender, cream she-cat with dark brown paws, muzzle, underbelly, and tail tip, creamy-brown ears, gray dapples through her pelt, and pale blue eyes. Roleplayed by Dove.

Splashberry - Small, muscular, slender, silky-furred, beautiful, elegant, long-haired, tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with very fluffy light brown paws, a blue muzzle, thick, soft, fluffy, ruffled fur, and big, clear green eyes. Roleplayed by Dove.

Cloudsoul - Big, muscular, slender, long-furred, fluffy, broad-shouldered, handsome, cloud-furred, slightly arrogant and cynical, light-hearted, distant, pale gray tabby tom with fluffier white patches like cloud, darker gray paws, a fluffy, sky-blue tuft on his forehead, and pale, sky-blue eyes. Named after Cloudslash. Roleplayed by Dove.

Lioncloud - Small, long-furred, fluffy, muscular, broad-shouldered, handsome, stocky, powerful despite his size, fierce, courageous, brage, outgoing, daring, golden tabby tom with a thick, soft pelt, long claws, a white tail tip, black paws, a dark brown muzzle and underbelly, thicker, fluffier fur, like a lion's mane, around his neck, and fierce, firey-amber eyes. Roleplayed by Dove.

Downtuft - Slender, muscular, small, very fluffy black and white tom with very soft fur, a long tail, long legs, and firey, intense amber eyes. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Hydricfire - Muscular, big, yet slender, pale flame-colored ginger and blue-gray tom with long, soft fur, big, round blue eyes, and webbed paws. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Moonglow - Big, slender, elegant, mysterious, black she-cat with white speckles like stars, a large, round white spot on her forehead and muzzle like the moon, long fur, a long tail, and pale, reflective, wise blue eyes. Sapphiregaze's Kit. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Aromaticbreeze - Very small, pretty, long-furred, agile, dappled tortoiseshell and white she-cat with a soft, sweeping tail, large, pointed ears, a soft, sweet scent, and pale blue-amber eyes. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Kinktail - Small wiry pale brown she-cat with black ear tufts. Roleplayed by 4pinkbear.

Sleekstream - Sleek dark gray she-cat with black ear tufts and paws. Roleplayed by 4pinkbear.

Morningfoot - Pale cream tom with one ginger paw. Roleplayed by 4pinkbear.

Creamswirl - Large brown she-cat with cream paws, muzzle, and tail-tip. Roleplayed by 4pinkbear.

Platinumdusk - Small dark gold-brown she-cat with blue eyes. Roleplayed by 4pinkbear.

Peridotfur - Short-furred, elegant, gentle, kind, sensible, somewhat formal, pale lime green she-cat with sleek fur, feathery ears, darker paws, a white muzzle, chest, underbelly, and tail-tip, black ear-tips, and soft dark green eyes with purple flecks. Formerly of JewelClan, exiled by Rubystar for no reason. Roleplayed by 4pinkbear.

Skylight: Fluffy gray and silver-blue tom with white splotches. Hibiscus-sun's mate (Shorts)




Lightheart - Dark red she-cat with pale amber eyes. Expecting Webclaw's (Former mate, not anymore) kits. Roleplayed by 4pinkbear.

Dusklily - Big, muscular, slender, long-furred, delicate, silky-furred, broad-shouldered, fluffy, elegant, thick-pelted, soft-furred, very dark gray, almost black, she-cat with a dark purple tint to her fur, dark brown paws, thick, soft, ruffled fur, often with lily petals scattered through it, and sharp, brilliant purple eyes. Mother of an unknown rogue's kits. Roleplayed by Dove.

Dusklily's kits:

Kiichigokit - Slender, small, beautiful, muscular, long-haired, elegant, broad-shouldered, fluffy, quiet, thoughtful, soft-furred, dark, pinkish-reddish-ginger she-cat with long, often knotted, fur, small very dark brown, almost black, flecks like small seeds, and large, round, bright, glowing, pinkish-red-orange eyes with very dark brown flecks.

Enkoukit - Muscular, fluffy, unusually large, broad-shoudered, handsome, slender, tufty-furred, thick-pelted, long-legged, dark, flame-colored, ginger tom with white paws, dark brown tabby patches, a black tabby patch on the underside of his tail, a soft muzzle, large, widely-spaced, pointed ears with cream tips, and large, slanted, almond-shaped, bright, fiery ambery-blue eyes.

Thymesong - Sleek dark grey she-cat with green-blue eyes. Roleplayed by 4pinkbear. Expecting Webclaw's kits. 4pinkbear.

Taiga - Slender, long-furred, long-legged, agile, limber, distant, cold, witty, mysterious, pale gray spotted tabby she-cat with black, white, and golden-yellow patches, large, pointed, torn ears, a long, fluffy, bushy tail, soft, sleek, tufty fur, and dark, intense, glowing, observant, pine-needle colored green eyes. Expecting Wally (A Moon Pack cat's)'s kits. Longtail and Songflower's daughter. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Hibiscus-sun: Sleek light orange she-cat with faded white streaks and amber eyes. Skylight's mate (Shorts)


Marshpelt - Small, slender dark mottled gray tom with unusual pale yellow-blue eyes that glitter with ambition. Boulderstar's Brother. One of his legs was broken during a rockfall. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Flounder- former loner who decided not to change his name. Old white tom with a blue streak on his back with glittering green eyes. Loves telling stories to kits, but hates battles. (Wild)

Former RockClan Members:

Burrpaw - See DawnClan leader.

Scarredpaw - See DuneClan warrior.

Raveneyes - Small, sleek, slender, soft-furred, black and white she-cat with sharp, intense, and intelligent leaf-green eyes. Died of starvation. Burrstar's sister. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Rainpelt - Slender, very small, dark smokey blue-gray she-cat with small white paws, unusually long claws, and dark rain-colored blue eyes. Died of old age. Burrstar's mother. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Talonswoop - Big, wiry, hard-musculed, dark brown tabby tom with white, black, and paler tabby patches and amber eyes. Died of old age. Burrstar's father. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Cloudslash - Big, muscular, slender, long-furred, fluffy, broad-shouldered pale gray tabby tom with fluffier white patches like cloud, darker gray paws, a fluffy, sky-blue tuft on his forehead, and pale, sky-blue eyes. Killed by Sapphireleaf of JewelClan after he captured Dovecloud. Roleplayed by Dove.

Sapphiregaze - Slender, sleek-furred, pale silvery-gray she-cat with a white muzzle, eartips, and calm, intense, sapphire-blue eyes. Died of starvation; and having her and Dogbite's kit, Moonkit. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Songflower - Very small, pretty, slender, pale golden she-cat with long, soft fur, white paws, muzzle, and chest, shimmering blue eyes, and a soft, musical voice. Died of starvation. Roleplayed by Elorisa.

Roleplaying Spot

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Current Events:

  • RockClan and JewelClan

RockClan and JewelClan

Boulderstar hissed as Longtail put the marigold on his shoulder wound Rubystar had gave him. It wasn't RockClan's fault that their home was lacking food! It was the Twolegs. They needed to feed Raveneyes and Honeyfeather's kits! He gave Longtail a sharp stare. "Is anyone else hurt?" he questioned. Longtail nodded sadly. "Dogpaw's tailtip was torn off by Goldenclaw, and Opalflower has a large, deep gash on her side from Jasperrain." he mewed. Boulderstar sighed.

"We have to stop JewelClan." User:Dawningpaw/sig

Grassfeather looked at his sister, Willowfire. Although she didn't want to go into unecesary battles, when she was told to fight, she fought. Her fiery attitude and quick temper is what caused a young JewelClan apprentice, Glitterpaw, to receive a nasty wound on her flank. Willowfire only ended up with a few small scratches on her muzzle and a torn ear. "Let me treat your ear, Willowfire. It's bleeding pretty bad again," said Grassfeather. "No," she said. "Blueblaze and Ebonypaw need your marigold more than I do, and I'm going to hunt with Tornpaw to try to get some prey for Feathercinder. Her poor little kits are starving! They still have three more moons until they're apprentices. And I'm going to trick Tornpaw into his assesment. He's so ready for it." Halloween Sleepy Hollow Woman in White 20:51, October 17, 2010 (UTC)

Marshpelt flicked his tail at Citruspaw. The young apprentice's mother, and his mate, Raveneyes died of starvation trying to feed her kits, Citruspaw, and her sister, Lemonpaw. Also, Fallowpaw, Yellowpaw, and Sapphiregaze were sick. With greencough. Longtail and Grassfeather were doing the best they could, but without catmint....the cats would die. Cobaltpaw 20:10, October 21, 2010 (UTC)

Boulderstar looked at his Clan, pride glittering in his blue eyes. They had come a long way from the struggling, starving Clan they once were, and now they were thriving. Ellie says; Merry Christmas! 16:00, December 26, 2010 (UTC)

(A lot has happened now, even with the lack of roleplaying. This post makes up for it.)

Hollyberry sat next to her sister, Autumnwish. The recent events were spinning around in their heads.

Tornpelt! Your walking again! (Autumnwish)

Cloudslash! You just kidnapped a young JewelClan warrior. Now JewelClan hates us more! (Hollyberry)

Hollyberry! Your expecting kits! (Autumnwish)

Rainshadow! Shimmerpool! Dusklily! Lightningscar! (Both)

No! Cloudslash! Don't leave me and your kits! (Hollyberry)

I've named them Dawnkit, Splashkit, Cloudkit, and Lionkit, Autumnwish. (Hollyberry)

Suddenly, Dawnkit lept onto Autumnwish, while Cloudkit took on Hollyberry. "Rawr!" squealed Cloudkit. "We've caught the enemy, Dawnpebble." ☯Maxine: Your Cutest Nightmare☮ 00:01, January 19, 2011 (UTC)

Thymesong purred and licked her paw. The warm summer breeze warmed her short fur and destroyed the cold air around camp. "Looks like a couple of apprentices will be made warriors, and that I will be moving into the nursery." she mewed softly to herself, twining her fluffy tail around her belly. Webclaw padded past her. "Webclaw-oh, um..." Thymesong began.

"Yes, Thymesong?" Webclaw grumbled. "I'm having your kits." Thymesong meowed. Webclaw rolled his eyes and kept walking away. Thymesong looked down at her paws, sadness lingering in her blue-green eyes. The gold flecks in them lingered in them, and her grayish-green fur flattened. Her tail drooped to the ground.

Mew Mew Sakura! 13:10, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Wheatwind gazed slowly out of camp, eyes narrowed as she glanced at JewelClan's territory. Driftfeather padded over to where the wheat-colored tabby was sitting, and sat down next to her.

"I wonder what JewelClan's up too." he said, black tabby fur fluffed out. Wheatwind nodded.

"I'm suprised they haven't attacked us back for the battle where Boulderstar lost a life."

Driftfeather snorted. "Knowing them, those cowards, they never will." Dymitrie; Shilva, моя любовь. 14:57, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

"Now we attack." Rubystar whispered, and her warriors darted into camp. "ATTACK!" she yowled.Mew Mew Sakura! 15:17, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Wheatwind snarled, and lept onto Tourmalineflash, clawing up tufts of her mottled gray fur.

"Get out of our camp!" she hissed. Dymitrie; Shilva, моя любовь. 15:21, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Rubystar snickered. "How about-no. If we win, we get half your territory-the sunny half." Rubystar meowed, eyes gleaming. Mew Mew Sakura! 15:24, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Boulderstar's eyes widened with fury.

"That's where all of our prey is!" he snarled. "If you took it, you would kill off our Clan!" he added bitterly.

Honeyfeather lashed her tail angrily, and lept onto Jasperrain, and the two she-cats tussled in the dirt, hissing and spitting, all the fury at eachothers clan visible in their eyes. Dymitrie; Shilva, моя любовь. 15:28, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

"When you attacked, you scared off all our prey! Look at my clanmates! We've barely eaten for two moons!" Rubystar spat. The JewelClan cats were skinny to the bone, starved, hungry. Mew Mew Sakura! 15:31, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

"The attack we did was a long time ago! The prey had to have come back!" Boulderstar said, tail bristling. Dymitrie; Shilva, моя любовь. 15:34, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

"Well, it didn't. There isn't prey for miles around our territory!" Rubystar hissed. "We've been forced to steal prey! We're not evil, if that's what you think! And this RockClan's fault! I'm sharing this at the Gathering tommorrow!" Rubystar spat. Mew Mew Sakura! 15:39, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Boulderstar's eyes narrowed in fury.

"It's been so long since you took away one of my lives. That's how I remember how long ago the battle was. And it's been a very long time. Prey had to have come back. We didn't even have that many warriors at the time! And the battle was fought in your camp. Shadowleap, Dogbite, Littleclaw, and any warrior that participated in the battle from our side."

Agatetail stepped up cautiously.

"What Boulderstar says is true, Rubystar. Prey disapeared a while after RockClan's attack." Dymitrie; Shilva, моя любовь. 15:43, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

"Okay." Rubystar meowed, and lunged at Thymesong. Thymesong screamed. Mew Mew Sakura! 15:49, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Waterweb snarled, and ran over to Thymesong, and clawed tufts of the leader's red fur off.


Hematitefur hissed and bit Moonglow's side. Hydricfire's eyes widened with rage, and raced over to her side. Drifttuft, who noticed a slight second afterwards, ran towards Moonglow also. The two tom's ripped off the JewelClan warrior, fury blazing in their eyes. Moonglow blinked at them in thanks. Dymitrie; Shilva, моя любовь. 15:56, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Peridotfur ran over to Waterweb's side. "Rubystar! Stop hurting her! It's an innocent she-cat! You can tell she's expecting kits." Peridotfur shrieked to her leader. Mew Mew Sakura! 16:00, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Waterweb looked at Thymesong, concern in her eyes. Dymitrie; Shilva, моя любовь. 16:02, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Thymesong backed away when Rubystar was distracted by Peridotfur. "You traitor! Just like your brother, Jadefire! You prefer the enemy over your own clan!" Rubystar snapped. Peridotfur hissed, "Because they're making SENSE!" "Then you're exiled!" Rubystar snarled. Peridotfur's eyes widened in shock. Mew Mew Sakura! 16:06, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Waterweb's eyes widened in shock. Dymitrie; Shilva, моя любовь. 16:08, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Peridotfur stared blankly, and she looked like she would faint. Mew Mew Sakura! 16:11, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Clearflower ran over to her sister and Peridotfur.

"Peridotfur didn't do anything wrong!" she said, white fur fluffed out. Dymitrie; Shilva, моя любовь. 16:17, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

"She's just like her brother; he ran away to DawnClan!" Rubystar spat. Mew Mew Sakura! 16:19, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Clearflower's pale green eyes widened in exasperation.

"She was talking sense!" Dymitrie; Shilva, моя любовь. 16:23, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

"And in THAT SENSE she sided with YOU!" Rubystar snarled. Mew Mew Sakura! 16:48, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Clearflower's white fur fluffed out in anger.

"Maybe we're speaking sense then!" she hissed. Dymitrie; Shilva, моя любовь. 16:52, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Rubystar hissed, and pinned Thymesong down swiftly by the neck. "Touch me, she dies!" Rubystar spat. 16:58, July 2, 2011 (UTC)Mew Mew Sakura!

Clearflower's eyes widened with fright.

"You would kill an innocent queen?" she spat, eyes blazing. Dymitrie; Shilva, моя любовь. 17:06, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Rubystar did not reply. Thymesong whimpered uncomfortably. Platinumdusk hissed and lunged at Rubystar, grabbing Rubystar by the back, throwing her off Thymesong harmlessly. "Clearflower, what would you prefer I do with Rubystar?" Platinumdusk meowed, pinning the leader down. Mew Mew Sakura! 17:26, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Clearflower's eyes widened in fright.


She was interrupted by a tom's voice.

"Remove her from our camp. Tell JewelClan to never set a paw onto RockClan's land again."

Clearflower looked up as Boulderstar padded forward, eyes blazing, and fur bristling with anger. Dymitrie; Shilva, моя любовь. 17:33, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

(Rubystar's gone insane with hunger-so she is acting TOTALLY unlike herself.)

Rubystar snarled, and lead JewelClan away. Peridotfur watched as they all left. "Boulderstar. I'm Peridotfur. I was exiled from JewelClan for agreeing with that your clan was being more sensible this day. I am willing to serve another clan, RockClan, with complete and utter loyalty. I request that I may join. I hope my skills and knowledge, more specifically knowledge of JewelClan, may be of use to your clan." Peridotfur introduced herself, bowing her head formally. Mew Mew Sakura! 18:46, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Boulderstar's eyes narrowed in suspicion, then he nodded.

"I welcome you into RockClan." Dymitrie; Shilva, моя любовь. 19:34, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Peridotfur nodded. Thymesong padded up beside her. "Boulderstar, Rubystar had attacked me today and this cat had defended me. I just thought you'd know." Thymesong meowed. Mew Mew Sakura! 19:46, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Boulderstar nodded sharply, turned, and left, tail flicking absentmindedly. Honeyfeather padded to his side, and the two walked away together, pelts brushing and tails twining. Dymitrie; Shilva, моя любовь. 19:53, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Peridotfur nodded, and slowly padded towards the medicine den. Violet (Richtofen's Talk) 13:39, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

Longtail looked up as Peridotfur padded in.

"Oh, hello." he said. Chell; Aperture Science Test Subject. 13:41, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

A gray tom with a blue streak padded into camp. "May I join?" The old cat rasped. "I am Flounder." -- Go Sweden 13:43, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

Boulderstar nodded.

"You will be an elder." he said simply. "Welcome." Chell; Aperture Science Test Subject. 13:44, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

Flounder looked around. "Is this one of those little clans that have those cats with funny names?" -- Go Sweden 13:45, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

Boulderstar shrugged, and then nodded.

"Whatever you want to call it. This is RockClan." Chell; Aperture Science Test Subject. 13:46, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

Flounder padded over to the elders den and began to make a nest. -- Go Sweden 13:48, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

Marshpelt looked up from where he was snoozing as Flounder entered the Elder's Den.

"Hey. Who are you?" he asked, yawning. Chell; Aperture Science Test Subject. 13:50, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

"I'm Flounder." Flounder said as he settled into his nest. -- Go Sweden 13:52, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

Marshpelt nodded.

"I'm Marshpelt." Chell; Aperture Science Test Subject. 13:57, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

"Where are all the young kits?" Flounder asked. (That was such a pedo question) -- Go Sweden 13:59, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

"I've got a cut on my shoulder. A nasty one, too." Peridotfur meowed, and removed the leaves she had put over them to hide it. It was bright red and looked about an inch deep. It must hurt really bad! Scarlet slowly bubbled in it. "Rubystar gave it to me a little too hard on my exile." Violet (Richtofen's Talk) 14:03, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

Flounder yawned and laid down. -- Go Sweden 14:06, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

"But you see, a little bit of Heather Nectar should do with Cobwebs, am I saying? Goldenrod, maybe, it works like cobwebs in slight situations...would coltsfoot do?" Peridotfur began. Violet (Richtofen's Talk) 14:08, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

Flounder rolled over. "There's a thorn in my moss." -- Go Sweden 14:11, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

Longtail sat up.

"I know what I'm doing." he said dryly, and applied a poltice of goldenrod and marigold to her wound, along with a top layer of cobwebs to seal it in.

"I'm not as dull and dim as you think I might be." he added. Chell; Aperture Science Test Subject. 14:12, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

"Sorry-I often get lost in thought like this. I'm not trying to offend you-I was once a medicine cat apprentice, but I had decided a few moons later I wanted to be a warrior." Peridotfur explained, looking away. Violet (Richtofen's Talk) 14:14, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

Flounder dug the thorn out and went out to look for feathers. -- Go Sweden 14:14, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

"I was once a warrior. Decided to be a medicine cat after the former apprentice died. I'm still an apprentice myself." Longtail said. Chell; Aperture Science Test Subject. 14:19, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

Flounder then went to the river to fish. -- Go Sweden 14:20, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

Marshpelt tucked his tail over his nose and started napping. Chell; Aperture Science Test Subject. 23:23, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

Flounder caught a flounder! -- Go Sweden 23:24, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

Longtail sighed.

"Alright, you're treated Perdiotfur. Unless you want me to go into the boring tale of my life, I'd suggest you'd leave." Chell; Aperture Science Test Subject. 23:27, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

After catching some more flounders, he brought them back to camp and put them in the fresh-kill pile. -- Go Sweden 23:55, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

Longtail sighed, and licked the remnants of the marigold off of his paw. Chell; Aperture Science Test Subject. 23:54, July 26, 2011 (UTC)

Flounder looked at Longtail. "They'rell be two more cats coming here to. Crabclaw and Eagletalon." -- Hokage Wild 23:56, July 26, 2011 (UTC)

Longtail nodded slightly.

"Don't tell me. Tell Boulderstar." he said dryly. Chell; Aperture Science Test Subject. 23:58, July 26, 2011 (UTC)

Flounder padded over to Boulderstar. "Two more cats come soon." -- Hokage Wild 00:10, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

Boulderstar nodded absentmindedly.

"Wonderful." he said. Chell; Aperture Science Test Subject. 00:11, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

Honeyblaze padded up to Boulderstar. "So, what should I do?" -- Hokage Wild 00:13, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

(Who's Honeyblaze...?) Chell; Aperture Science Test Subject. 00:16, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

(Another cat from FlameClan) -- Hokage Wild 00:20, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

(FlameClan?) Chell; Aperture Science Test Subject. 00:21, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

(Aspen's clan she deleted.) -- Hokage Wild 00:35, July 27, 2011 (UTC)


Bounceflame, Wheatwind, and his apprentice, Fallowpaw were out on a hunting patrol when they saw two apprentice-age cats. One was very dark in coloration, one very light. Fallowpaw looked up in wonder at the two cats, her eyes glowing. "Who are they Bounceflame?" she questioned softly, her green eyes dark with confusion. The ginger tom flicked his tail tip. "I don't know. Do you Wheatwind?" His sister shook her head slowly. "Then lets find out." she whispered, and beckoned the two cats ahead with her long golden brown tail. Fallowpaw's black and white fur was fluffed out in exitement, her brown paws skimming the ground as she raced towards the two cats. The dark tom flicked his tail at the light she cat, and they lunged at Fallowpaw, claws glinting in the early moring light. Bounceflame growled and lept at the two cats, burring his teeth into the she-cat's side. Wheatwind scored her claws against the tom's dark muzzle, and he yowled in terror. "What did we do to you! You attacked us first!" he growled, pointing his paw at Fallowpaw. Bounceflame spat a tuft of the she-cat's light fur onto the ground. "She wasn't going to attack you! We wanted to know if you would like to join RockClan." The two cats nodded. "We would. My name is Dark, and she is Light." Dark said, pointing at the delicate she-cat, her pale yellow fur fluffed out in fright. "Then lets go." Bounceflame growled, leading the cats back to camp.

"Dark and Light? You are now Darkpaw and Lightpaw." Cobaltpaw 20:36, September 23, 2010 (UTC)

Hollyberry looked at her apprentice, Lightningpaw. The young tom was unusual in one way: He was born with a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead that gave him his name. But he didn't seem to have anything else special about him. "Lightningpaw! Hollyberry!" yelled Willowfire. "What is is?" piped up Lightningpaw and his sister, Rainpaw. "I-i-it's Tornpelt! I-i-i saw him half-crushed under a tree. He was breathing weakly, but I don't think he'll make it. Grassfeather and Longtail are doing everything they can," said the deputy. "No," said Rainpaw, rushing to Grassfeather's den. Lightningpaw remained shocked, his eyes wide. ☯Silver Bells☮ 22:01, January 3, 2011 (UTC)

Longtail quickly grabbed some rushes, comfrey, and marigold, and raced back over to Grassfeather.

"What should we do?" he said worriedly. The medicine cat apprentice, who was a former warrior at that, was fretting and almost trembling at the sight of Tornpelt. Zexion; The Cloaked Schemer 22:14, January 3, 2011 (UTC)

Grassfeather bent down and examined Tornpelt carefully.

Then, lifting his head up to look at Rainpaw and Longtail, he said, "He'll live, Rainpaw. All he recieved were two broken legs and a few scratches. No broken backbone. Longtail, I need you to help me bind his legs. Then we can take care of his scatches."

Rainpaw sighed in relief and rushed out to tell her siblings. "Tornpelt will be fine!" she exclaimed to Shimmerpaw, Duskpaw, and Lightningpaw, who were huddled in the apprentice's den, their pelts fluffed up with fright.

As they relaxed, Duskpaw and Shimmerpaw said, "Lightningpaw told up about him. You sure he'll live?" I'm sure," said Rainpaw. ☯Silver Bells☮ 23:43, January 3, 2011 (UTC)

Fallowstrike licked the head of Hydrickit as he tumbled over to her while her kits, and Moonkit, were playing. Moonkit was Sapphiregaze's kit. The older queen hadn't been eating much, and she lost a lot of blood having the black and white kit. Moonkit seemed perfectly healthy.

"I've got you now, Foxstar!" Aromatickit purred as she lept onto Downkit. Moonkit waggled her haunches, and also lept onto the fluffy black and white tom.

"Don't torture the Clan's again, Foxdung!" she mewed, swiping at his ear. Marluxia; The Graceful Assassin 22:21, February 3, 2011 (UTC)

Dawnpaw gazed up at her new mentor, Willowfire. She felt proud to be the deputy's apprentice.

"What will we do today, Willowfire?" she asked. The pale gray she-cat smiled as the young apprentice.

"Hunting." LettuceThe PorpoiseLettuceMewMewandCafe 23:43, February 27, 2011 (UTC)

Moonpaw padded alongside her mentor, Boulderstar. She was very proud to be his apprentice, and Hydricpaw, her adopted brother was jelous. He shot a glare at her, and Moonpaw retaliated, sticking out her tounge at the ginger and blue-gray tom. Axel; The Flurry of Dancing Flames 00:51, April 25, 2011 (UTC)

Honeyfeather licked her mate, Boulderstar's flank, blue eyes shimmering softly.

"Do you want to share a mouse with me?" she whispered. The mottled gray tom nodded.

"I would love too." he murmured, nuzzling her fluffy golden-brown head. They padded over to the fresh-kill pile, tails twined. Tuomas Wright; Ace Attorney Tuomaswright 16:26, May 7, 2011 (UTC)

Longtail looked over at the soft, lush forests of DawnClan, where his sister was.

"Oh Burrstar, I hope you're alright..." he murmured, cool wind blowing over his light brown and black fur. Tuomas Wright; Ace Attorney Tuomaswright 16:58, May 17, 2011 (UTC)

Aromaticpaw padded into the den, eyes bright from a day of training. Moonpaw, Downpaw, and Hydricpaw, whom had already finished for the day, looked up as she came in.

"Aromaticpaw!" Moonpaw purred, and padded up to her adopted sister. "How was your training?"

The little tortoiseshell she-cat smiled happily. "It was wonderful! Darkpelt is an amazing mentor..." she trailed off with a happy sigh.

Downpaw smirked. "You like Darkpelt, don't ya?" he said with a smile. Aromaticpaw blushed.

"N-no!" she said nervously.

Hydricpaw let out a small laugh.

"It's fine if you do." he said with a smile. Waka; Adieu, petit diable! 13:34, June 5, 2011 (UTC)

Downpaw, Aromaticpaw and Hydricpaw were sleeping as Moonpaw snuck out of the apprentice's den to look at the stars, hoping not to get caught. Waka; Adieu, petit diable! 00:36, June 13, 2011 (UTC)

Waterweb stuck her head into the apprentice's den, amber eyes glittering.

"Downpaw, time for training." she mewed softly.

Downpaw groaned, and got up, tufty black and white fur sticking out all over. Waterweb purred.

"Come on, mister grumpy. We're doing battle training with Moonpaw and Boulderstar today."

Downpaw got up in a flash at that. "Why didn't you say so?" he said excitedly, and ran out of camp, Waterweb following, whiskers twitching in amusement. Dymitrie; Shilva, моя любовь. 22:48, June 17, 2011 (UTC)

"I now name you Downtuft, Aromaticbreeze, Hyridcfire, and Moonglow. You are now warriors of RockClan."

Moonglow's eyes shimmered, and she smiled at the sky.

"Sapphiregaze, I hope you're proud..." she murmured.

Aromaticbreeze glanced shyly at Darkpelt, who nodded at his former apprentice with a smile.

"It's a nice name." he said quietly, dark brown fur fluffed out in slight embarrassment. Aromaticbreeze smiled softly.

"T-thanks..." she replied.

Downtuft and Hydricfire glared at each other, and Downtuft flicked his tufty black and white tail.

"I'm going to go congradulate Moonglow on her name." he said, getting to his paws.

Hydricfire lept up after him.

"Not if I do it first!" he retorted.

Downtuft shot a glare at him, and raced off, Hydricfire close beind. Dymitrie; Shilva, моя любовь. 00:53, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Longtail looked up from the herbs he was sorting when an expectant pale gray she-cat walked into camp, pine-needle colored eyes calm. Longtail's eyes widened in recognition.

"T-taiga?" he stuttered. The she-cat nodded.

"Yes, that's my name. My mother was a former RockClan cat. Songflower was her name."

Longtail nodded shakily.

"I'm your father, Longtail, Taiga."

Taiga blinked back tears.

"So-songflower told me about you...she never let me see you though..."

Longtail licked his daughter's flank.

"You are now. Whose kits are you expecting?" Longtail asked.

"A tom named Wally. He's from Moon Pack. He's a nice cat, I love him, I just can't join his pack."

Longtail nodded.

"I'll tell Boulderstar you've joined. Go rest in the nursery, Taiga. It's over next to that lavender plant, near the back of the camp."

The gray tabby nodded, and padded away, her golden, black, and white patches becoming visible in the sunlight.

"She resembles her mother so much..." he murmured. Dymitrie; Shilva, моя любовь. 20:47, July 4, 2011 (UTC) {C} {C} {C}

Boulderstar wrapped his tail around his paws, his steely blue gaze watching over his clan. Fenris What has magic touched that it doesn't spoil? 22:47, March 22, 2012 (UTC)

Boulderstar shook out his thick grey pelt, yawning. User:Dawningpaw/sig23:29, August 24, 2012 (UTC)

Gazing over his Clan, Boulderstar noted Honeyfeather padding up to him, and rested his head on the she-cats neck, twining his tail with hers with a soft purr. —Ev edh scub 00:19, September 25, 2012 (UTC)

Honeyfeather saw her daughter Wheatwind pad into camp, and walked over to her, touching her daughter's nose and sitting next to her, licking the pale golden fur softly. —Ev edh scub 19:42, September 28, 2012 (UTC)