Former Deputies:

Stormheart: Gray tabby tom with one black paw and tail tip. Killed by Blackhawk for being friends with Larkshadow. (Cotton)

Former Medicine Cat Apprentices:

Cherrypaw, tortiseshell she-cat with pale green eyes. Killed by unknown causes. (Eagle)

Former Warriors:

Nightpelt: a pure black she-cat with bright green eyes. Killed by unknown causes. (Jade)

Wateredsky, A pale grey tom with deep blue eyes. Killed by unknown causes. (???)

Rainbranch, A ginger she-cat with clear eyes. Killed by unknown causes. (???) Poolsplash: Blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes. (Cinder)

Raindrop:  thick- furred white tom with bright green eyes. (Meadow) 

Pumaclaw - Light, short-haired golden tom with black tabby stripes and brown eyes. Honest, loyal, and a strict follower of the Warrior Code. (Shuckle)

Pinetail - Dark brown she-cat with long fur and icy blue eyes. Slightly passive, intelligent, and somewhat of a mad genius. (Shuckle)

Former Apprentices:

Tinypaw, Tiny white she-cat with blue eyes, very shy. Minnowkit's sister. Killed by unknown causes. (Eagle)

Volepaw: Gray taby tom with green eyes. (Cinder)  ==Former Kits:== Minnowkit, tiny black and white tom with yellow eyes. Killed by unknown causes. (Eagle)

Fawnkit: Golden Brown she-cat dappled with white with green eyes. Beekit's sister. (Cinder)

Beekit: Golden she-cat with black stripes and amber eyes. Fawnkit's sister. (Cinder)

Former Elders:

Briarfang:  long-furred creamy white tom with dark amber eyes. (Meadow)

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