Russetstar is a tall, russet-colored tabby tom with amber eyes.



Russetstar has unpatterned stripes on his russet colored pelt. His stripes are highly defined on the legs and his head, where it has a defined "M" stripe. The whiskers are long and white, and the triangular nose is a light cherry pink. His muzzle is a lighter shade of ginger and white than the rest of his body, along with his paws, belly, and chest. His eyes are slanting and a bright amber, with flecks of olive green that barely can be seen through all the amber.
His head is shaped sharply and stoutly, and his body is slim but strong. He has thin, long legs, and a long tail. His ears are somewhat large, with slightly rounded tips. His paws are small with unusually long claws that are curved neatly. His teeth are small but very sharp. Russetstar's fur is too long to pass as "short", and too short to pass as "long". The fur is light and sleek, and very glossy due to the amount of care he takes in the fur whenever he has nothing to do.


Physical Health

Although Russetstar frequently exercises to keep himself fit and healthy, he has a weak immune system, and gets sick very easily. He always runs and works himself until he tires out to keep himself healthy, and always sleep early to continue keeping himself healthy. He's usually scolded by the other members of the group for the long stretch of the time that he sleeps.

Mental Health

Russetstar is not the most mentally stable cat around, as he is absolutely terrified of anything that relates to ice or anything cold due to an incident in the past. He is also slightly afraid to get sick and never get better, especially with his weak immune system. Because of the scars from the past, he frequently gets alternate nightmares of the event. He also has a few habits that make him kick whatever white pebble is in front of him and pick up a rabbit from the fresh-kill pile. Apart from those phobias, habits, and his frequent nightmares, he is very intelligent tom compared to the other members of The Storm Fronts, apart from the leader.


He doesn't care for the social life, and will do anything to keep out of trouble. Russetstar isn't the loudest cat in the clan, nor is he absolutely silent. He usually wants to speak up but doesn't know how to put his thoughts into words for the cats around him to understand. He can be very snarky and very sarcastic to the cats around him whenever he talks, which gives him the anti-social jibe. 
He can be rather quirky at times, and sometimes very clumsy, but he usually tries to keep himself straight-forward and neat. He is usually very laid-back and calm, but never likes to "go with the flow".  He has a rebellious streak to his personality, and won't hesitate to go against the leader for his own sake. Russetstar is usually eager to do the opposite of what cats tell him to do and very independent, believing that he should have his own say in what he should do in his own life.  
Russetstar doesn't make the best choices at times, and he can an unwise choice for a cat to befriend. Even though his anti-social attitude sometimes urges him to give up his leader spot leave HeatherClan, he believes he is strong enough to withstand the odds and protect the clan from trouble.

Skills and Abilities

Russetstar is very skilled at hunting and fighting, but fares poorly on climbing. He can't climb to save his life, and always falls back whenever he goes about six feet up a tree. He is an average swimmer, while being fast but always having to take breaths. He is also very fast when running.



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Russetstar is first seen watching the kits closely, making sure Sunkit wasn't ruining the fresh-kill he was playing with. Marshclaw pads over to the leader, stating that he should pick a deputy soon. Russetstar agrees and convinces himself that he could choose one. He climbs up the high-rock with warriors already at the bottom, and calls for their attention.
He starts off, and chooses Flamefoot as the newest deputy of HeatherClan. The cats chant the new deputy's name as Russetstar nods, then leaping off the rock, signalling the short meeting to be over. Sunkit and Rainkit have trouble pronouncing Flamefoot's name, to Russetstar's amusement. He watches the deputy organize patrols, and then starts watching his clan.
After Brindlepaw passes her warrior test, Russetstar then declares her a warrior after once again, calling the clan for a clan meeting. He makes the she-cat a warrior, and a little while after, a border patrol comes back, injured and angry with PineClan. Russetstar questions the warriors, and it is revealed that the patrol got into a fight with their rival clan. Mistyfoot is angry at the loss of the battle, and Russetstar tells the she-cat to not be so rough on the warriors, and that they did the best they could.
A while later, Sunkit and Rainkit are six moons old, and Russetstar decides that they should become apprentices. He gives them the name of Sunpaw and Rainpaw, with Feathermist and Brindleheart as their mentors. The new apprentices' names are cheered, and the meeting is over. Russetstar resumes watching over his clan, making sure that no conflict would rise under his order.
In a few moons, Brightbird tells Russetstar that her kits were six moons old and ready to become apprentices. Russetstar nods, and gives Sparrowkit, Singekit, and Dawnkit new names and new mentors. 


Mate - Silversong; living
Kits - Sunkit, Rainkit; all are living


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