Saïx is a slender, yet muscular, cold, emotionless, composed, strong-willed, pale, grayish-blue tom with long, soft, ruffled fur, a long, flowing, feathery tail, a large, jaggged, x-shaped scar on his face, extending onto the bridge of his muzzle, pointed, wide-spaced, elf-like ears, one with a small nick in it, and sharp, cold and calm golden eyes that show no emotion.

He is second in command of the Organization, or the 'deputy'.


Saïx was born to Charon and Raize, with a sister, Deluge. The two were close, and their parents raised them well.

Raize eventually left Charon to raise Saïx and Deluge on her own, and Charon never looked back at her former mate. Saïx was confused at why his father left, but never asked.

Eventually, Charon raised Saïx and Deluge to be cold and emotionless, to never show the enemy your feelings. Deluge could never get it right, but Saïx perfected it.

After Charon felt they were old enough, she left them, and the siblings lived together.

Then, Xemnas came, looking for a cat to be second in command of his Organization of cats. His other choice, Xigbar, wouldn't be right.

Xemnas found Saïx then, and felt vibes of power coming from the tom. He was chosen, and Deluge left the area without a fight.

Saïx then met Larxene, and she became the only cat besides his sister he showed any emotion too.

She later had his kits, named Myde and Relena. Saïx was proud of his kits.

They later became apprentices, and then full members of the Organization.


Saïx used to be a nice, kind cat, who would ramble on about the most silly of things, and just be a speck of light in the dreary world he inhabited.

After his training however, he lost all of that, becoming a cold, emotionless cat with almost no sympathy or remorse for what he'd do. He'd be mysterious and brisk to every cat, besides his sister, however.

Now, after he met Larxene, he began to show more emotion. When around her, he starts to show his true personality, and that's the cat that Larxene loves.


  • He is based of off the Kingdom Hearts character Saïx.


SaixxxSaïx in real life~


Actual Saïx~

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