Sakuramelody is a slender, beautiful, dappled, silky-furred, long-haired, gentle, elegant, long-limbed, shy, quiet, lonely, very fluffy, sweet, kind, fair, friendly, soft-voiced, serene, calm, studious, nice, mysterious, bright-minded, intelligent, small, determined, dedicated, she-cat with a small, cherry-red tuft on her head like a cherry, soft, ruffled pale pink fur with cherry blossom petals scattered through it, soft white paws, a long, fluffy, silky, sweeping, plumy, bushy, fox-like tail with a tufted creamy-gold tip, soft, tufted ears, a soft, bright pink nose, large, brilliant, shining pinky-amber eyes with a faint blue tint to them, and a sweet, soft, melodic voice that sounds like the wind to most cats.

She is a warrior of DawnClan.

She is a member of the 4th Generation Prophecy. Her powers are teleportation, obscuring a cat's vision (if they are normal) or harming the cat (if they are glowing) with a flurry of cherry blossom petals, and tracking things that are far away.


Sakurakit is born to Dawnpoppy and Bramblethorn with three siblings: Thornkit, Tulipkit, and Bramblekit.

While listening to a story from the Clan's elders with Thornkit, they hear that their father was mauled by a badger and carelessly tossed around. She never speaks after this.

She meets her father after he escapes from the Laboratory. She is overjoyed to meet him, but still refuses to talk.

She is later apprenticed. Her mentor is Cherrysplash.

She finally manages to talk to Cottonpaw, which suprised Bramblepaw because he always thought that she was mute.

She later teleports to the prophecy cats with Cottonpaw.

She tells the other cats about her past, shocking Phoenixfeather about Bramblethorn being alive.

She recieves her warrior name with Cottonpaw. The two become Cottongale and Sakuramelody. Her brother, Bramblepaw, also recieves his warrior name, becoming Brambleheart.

She is later raped by Scartail and gives birth to his single kit, which she names Melodiouskit.

Despite Scartail raping her, she and Cottongale become mates shortly after Melodiouskit's birth, and Cottongale treats the kit as his own.

She is later seen in the Echoing Whispers battle helping Melodiouskit keep and eye on Lunarpaw or FallenClan.


Sakuramelody is very calm, elegant, and serene, though whenever someone is in trouble, she will leap in to help them, even if it means risking her life.

Due to hearing terrible rumors about her father's death, she rarely speaks, despite being sweet and friendly.

After she met the prophecy cats, however, she began speaking more.

She is claustrophobic.



Cottongale; Living
Scartail (formerly); Living; current residence unknown


Melodiouskit; Daughter; living


Dawnpoppy; Living; member of Snow Tunnels


Bramblethorn; Living


Tulippaw; Sister; living
Thornpaw; Brother; living
Brambleheart Brother; living


Character Pixels;


  • Sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese
  • She is based off of the Japanese children's song "Sakura," and also the sakura/cherry blossom tree
  • She also has very slight basis off of the Kingdom Hearts character Marluxia
  • She is half-Clan because Bramblethorn has DuskClan and DawnClan blood and Dawnpoppy has rogue and DuskClan blood

Real Life Image;

Sakuramelody.real ~ Sakuramelody in real life

Sakura (cherry blossom tree) ~ Actual sakura/cherry blossom tree

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