Sakurastorm is a beautiful light brown she-cat with long, smooth, glossy fur, small pink markings like fallen cherry blossom petals, a red ribbon on her head and blue eyes that shift to brown at will.


Sakurakit was born to Break and Remila as a kittypet. One day, a she-cat whom we'd later known as a certain ginger she-cat's mother came and turned Sakurakit into a Star Cat. All Sakurakit remembers of that day was that the she-cat had stars in her fur.

Break eventually takes Sakurakit away because Remila was trying to get the she-kit to serve her. He was soon taken back to his nest, but kept away from Remila. Sakurakit taught herself to fight and hunt, and traveled on her own.

Soon, Sakurakit ran into Phoenixfeather and the other Star Cats. She is shown to have quite a tongue when she calls Glory Fox out on her actions.

Sakurakit is taken to DawnClan out of fear the Dark Forest may forcibly mate with her, despite the she-kit's protests.

When StagClan attacked DawnClan, Sakurakit fought and is wounded.

Sakurakit is teased by Bramble-ears, and feels ashamed of her kittypet heritage.

Sakurakit is soon apprenticed to Dawnrose.

Sakurapaw grieves over Phoenixfeather's death, and obtains a warrior name.


Sakurastorm is often happy and willing to help, sometimes running around camp trying to help others. She is a heavy sleeper and often needs one or more cats to wake her up. Sakurapaw also has a sharp tongue and tends to say things without thinking.



Remila - Alive


Break - Alive


Noir - Deceased, StarClan

Kuro - Deceased, StarClan

Distant Cousin:

Zoey - Alive, Organization


She is based rather loosely off of Sakuya Izayoi from Touhou Project.


  • It is confirmed her warrior name is Sakurastorm.
  • She secretly wishes Icefeather would mentor her.
  • She has no mate confirmed for her.

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