Sandfern is a small, slender, sleek, scrawny-looking, mischievous, curious, yet cautious, soft-furred, silky-furred, intelligent, bright-minded, nimble, skinny, short-haired, pale ginger she-cat with extremely faint tabby markings, a white flash on her chest, very small, delicate, sandy-brown paws, short claws, a short tail, and pale, fern-green eyes.

She was the youngest kit in Dovesong and (unknown to anyone) Stonestep's first litter. She was severely injured by Icestorm and Firepelt on a border patrol, and died shortly afterward when a tree fell in the medicine cat den. She had been unable to move because of her severe injuries. She was later reincarnated as Sandflower, another kit of Dovesong, but with Jumpfire as her father.

Sandflower is a small, slender, silky-furred, slightly muscular, long-haired, clever, mischievous, curious, yet cautious, spunky, upbeat, cheerful, intelligent, bright-minded, thick-pelted, soft-furred, soft-featured, slightly hyperactive, witty, willing, pale ginger she-cat with very faint tabby markings, a white flash on her chest that's shaped like a flower, long claws, very small, delicate sandy-brown paws, and pale, leaf-green eyes.

She is a member of the 5th Generation Prophecy. She possesses the ability to control the thoughts and emotions of another cat, and she can also create sandstorms at will.


Sandkit is born to Dovesong and (unknown to anyone) Stonestep with two siblings, Willowkit, and Kestrelkit.

She was always curious why Windpaw didn't like Willowkit.

She is made into an apprentice, Sandpaw. Her mentor is Amberlight.

While out on patrol with Dovesong, Marshface, and Amberlight, they were ambushed by a TawnyClan patrol consisting of Icestorm, Magicflare, Firepelt, and Flowerpaw (Flowerwhisker). Icestorm and Firepelt immediately tried to accuse Marshface and Sandpaw of trespassing on TawnyClan territory, when the truth was that they (Icestorm and Firepelt) were actually trespassing on DawnClan territory. A fight broke out, and Icestorm and Firepelt ended up cruelly murdering Marshface and severely injured Sandpaw. They rush back to camp, where Sandpaw is treated immediately by Dapplepatch and Cherrypaw.

She receives her warrior name along with her siblings, becoming Sandfern, Willowcloud, and Kestrelfeather.

When a tree falls toward the medicine cat den, Poppypaw tries to save her, but ends up trapped. They are both crushed by the tree and are discovered dead.

She is reincarnated as the kit from Dovesong and Jumpfire's first litter. She retained most of the same personality, but was much more spunky and was stronger than Sandfern. She had three siblings, Olivekit, Rubblekit, and Lostkit.

She is apprenticed with her siblings, with Meadowclaw as her mentor.

While out on a walk with her mentor and her brother Lostpaw, they find a young loner kit named Gale (Galestorm). They take him back to camp and give him to one of the queens. He is named Galekit.

She is made a warrior with her siblings, becoming Sandflower, Olivesplash, Rubblefall, and Lostsight.

She is given her first apprentice, Flarepaw.

Her apprentice is made a warrior, Flarestorm.

She gains a second apprentice, Pollenpaw.

Pollenpaw is made into a warrior, Pollenflare.

She eventually leaves DawnClan when an outbreak of greencough and blackcough begins killing many of the cats, including her parents and most of her siblings (half-siblings included. The other cats to join her are Willowcloud, Kestrelfeather, Littleheart, Mysticdawn, Morningfire, Softheart, Shiverbreeze, Lostsight, Marshstorm, Breezeheart, and Silentcall. Several of them rename themselves, and the group becomes Sandflower, Willowcloud, Kest, Litt, Mystic Dawn, Morning, Softie, Shiverbreeze, Loss, Marsher, Breezie, and Silence.

They eventually find MemoryClan, and they decide to join. Sandflower becomes a Healer along with her brother Loss, her mate Silence, and Litt.


  • Only one cat knows Sandfern was reincarnated. That cat is Willowcloud, and she's sworn not to tell a soul
  • She eventually discovered Windwillow and Willowcloud's prophecy.
  • It is rumored that she will become mates with Silentcall -- confirmed true, for her mate is Silence (formerly Silentcall).



Dovesong - Deceased


Stonestep (As Sandfern) - Unknown
Jumpfire (As Sandflower) - Unknown.

Siblings and Half-Siblings:

Willowcloud - Living
Kest - Living
Sandfern - Deceased, member of StarClan, reincarnated as Sandflower
Peachblossom - Living
Magpieflight - Living
Daisypetal - Deceased, member of StarClan
Redsquirrel - Living
Bramblethorn - Deceased, member of StarClan, formerly of The Dark Forest
Badgerfang - Living
Songdance - Living
Mouseheart - Living
Minnow - Living
Sandflower - Living
Olivesplash - Living
Rubblefall - Living
Loss - Living
Auburnflare - Living
Rosedawn - Living
Tumblewillow - Living
Dustcloud - Living
Bellsong (foster) - Living
Locustfire (foster) - Living
Turkeyleg - Living
Softwish - Living
Hushsong - Living
Nettlethorn - Living.


Featherlight - Deceased


Blazefire - Deceased
Lionkit - Deceased, member of StarClan
Sneezekit - Deceased, member of StarClan

Other Relatives:

Lightstorm - Living
Maplefire - Living
Thrushfeather - Living
Toadspots - Living
Gingersplash - Living
Bounceleg - Living
Dayfeather - Living
Violetrose - Living
Mountainfall - Living
Berryheart - Living
Ashfangs - Living
Seedtoss - Living
Jaggedtail - Living
Thymeleaf - Deceased, member of StarClan
Lightningstreak - Living
Ravenwing - Living
Robinsky - Living
Marshface - Deceased, member of StarClan
Dewmist - Living
Emberstrike - Living
Wolfwillow - Living
Pebblestone - Living
Plumfire - Living
Ripplepool - Living
Blackfur - Living
Petalblaze - Living
Shiningmist - Living
Honeypoppy - Living
Longlegs - Living
Goldenfeather - Living
Icefeather - Living
Windwillow - Living
Breezefur - Living
Mangostreak - Living
Guavapluck - Living
Stormsurge - Living
Darkclaw - Living
Lavenderheart - Living
Faolanwolf - Living
Eponapaw - Living
Cocoapaw - Living
Calypsopaw - Living
Seaspraypaw - Living
Pepperpaw - Living
Butterflywind - Living
Snowfire - Living
Forestblaze - Deceased, residence unknown.
Dustheart - Living, member of DarknessClan
Flamebelly - Living
Squirrelthorn - Living
Flowerweb - Living
Branchleap - Living
Brownkit - Deceased, member of StarClan
Dewkit - Deceased, member of StarClan
Sweetkit - Deceased, member of StarClan
Stumpykit - Deceased, member of StarClan
Littlekit - Deceased, member of StarClan
Thornkit - Deceased, member of StarClan
Ravenfall - Living
Flameshadow - Living
Snowkit - Deceased, residence unknown
Driftkit - Deceased, residence unknown
Emeraldflower - Living, member of JewelClan
Topazkit - Living, member of JewelClan
Turquoisekit - Living, member of JewelClan
Aquamarinekit - Living, member of JewelClan
Jewelkit - Living, member of JewelClan
Thrushwing - Deceased, member of StarClan
Birdstar - Deceased, member of StarClan
Robinstar - Deceased, member of StarClan, reincarnated as Robinclaw
Shiningpath - Deceased, member of StarClan, reincarnated as Shininglight
Shadowpaw - Deceased, member of StarClan, reincarnated as Shadowrush
Thrushtalon - Deceased, member of StarClan
Birdheart - Deceased, member of StarClan
Robinclaw - Living
Shininglight - Living
Shadowrush - Living
Mockingjay - Living
Bravestorm - Living
Wrenfeather - Living
Sunnygaze - Living
Wolfleap - Living
Lycanslash - Living
Raindapple - Living
Yellowdust - Living
Larkcall - Living
Ironspark - Living
Wireheart (Dawn) - Living
Iodinefur - Living
Limesplash - Living
Lakeheart - Living
Larchwing - Living
Heatherstem - Living
Moonshine - Living
Morningsun - Living
Frogheart - Living
Lightningstrike - Living
Brackenstreak - Living
Cinderflame - Living
Riverclaw - Living
Shadowfoot - Living
Amberscar - Living
Runningstar - Deceased, member of StarClan, formerly of The Dark Forest
Peachfur - Living
Coyoteleap - Living
Dawnlight - Living
Snakewatcher - Living
Clawfoot - Living
Sparkleap - Living
Kinkcatcher - Living
Weaselfire - Living
Ferretfoot - Living
Bluewing - Living, member of CloudClan
Mudsplash - Living
Darknight - Living
Flameshrew - Living
Cloudstrike - Living
Wolfheart - Living
Lemonheart - Living
Reedsong - Living
Oceanpaw - Living
Burntwist - Living
Firemoon - Deceased, member of StarClan
Spottedface - Living
Mousescar - Deceased, member of The Dark Forest
Forestclaw - Status unknown
Pigeonwing - Status unknown
Ryestar - Deceased, member of StarClan
Irispatch - Living
Runningwisp - Living
Smokelight - Living
Marshstorm - Living
Violetshade - Living
Poppyflower - Living
Spottedfire - Living
Dappleleaf - Living
Breezeheart - Living
Browngaze - Living
Sootbird - Living
Cedarclaw - Living
Goldenwing - Living
Stormdapple - Living
Appleshine - Living
Kunniasanawish - Living
Tomuttaapaw - Living
Unlemasong - Living
Mystiriopaw - Living
Nukkuapaw - Living
Burrstar - Living
Raveneyes - Deceased, member of StarClan
Longtail - Living, member of RockClan
Scarredear - Living, member of DuneClan
Burrpaw - Living, member of DuneClan
Dawnsoul - Living, member of DuneClan
Thrushpaw - Living, member of DuneClan
Littlepaw - Living, member of DuneClan
Rainpelt - Deceased, member of StarClan
Talonswoop - Living, member of RockClan
Dawn - Deceased, member of StarClan
Dusk - Deceased, member of StarClan
Cloud - Deceased, member of StarClan
Spark - Deceased, member of StarClan
Dreamcatcher - Deceased, member of StarClan
Desertpaw - Deceased, member of StarClan
Silentstar - Deceased, member of StarClan
Skysong - Deceased, member of StarClan
Songwish - Deceased, member of StarClan, reincarnated as Bellsong
Morningflight - Deceased, member of StarClan
Keimeiflight - Living
Fushigiheart - Living
Hayaifeather - Living
Senkoulight - Living
Chiribirch - Living
Kuroblade - Living
Buckbeak - Living, member of PearlClan
Crookshanks - Living, member of TimeClan
Tallowpaw - Living, member of TimeClan
Fangpaw - Living, member of TimeClan
Lupin/Mooneyes - Living, member of PearlClan
Hedwig/Owlpaw - Living, member of PearlClan
Padfoot - Living, member of PearlClan
Bellatrix - Living, member of PearlClan
Flamestar - Deceased, member of The Dark Forest
Greatleap - Living
Flowerstar - Deceased, member of StarClan, reincarnated as Flowersplash
Heartwing - Living
Snowpool - Living
Wingwater - Living
Sloethorn - Living
Quickflame - Living
Mottlepatch - Living
Ivorylily - Living
Frecklebay - Living
Snookleap - Living
Katnissrose - Living
Primrosepaw - Deceased, member of StarClan, reincarnated as Rosedawn
Baysong - Living
Clawstrike - Living
Cluefire - Living, member of PearlClan
Deadthistle - Living
Deathleap - Deceased, member of StarClan
Hopespeckle - Living
Redraven - Living
Wingedfeather - Living
Scramblefoot - Living
Cloudynose - Living
Mossyfire - Living
Furzeleaf - Living
Boulderfall - Living
Wheatfeather - Living
Clawedpaw - Deceased, member of StarClan
Burnpaw - Deceased, member of StarClan
Adderpaw - Living, member of PearlClan
Lilypaw - Living, member of PearlClan
Leafpatch - Deceased, member of StarClan
Shadeflight - Deceased, member of StarClan
Flowerstar - Deceased, member of StarClan
Flamestar - Deceased, member of The Dark Forest
Whitestep - Living
Flutterstep - Living
Scarbelly - Deceased, member of StarClan
Fireblaze - Deceased, member of StarClan



"Momma, why does Windpaw seem to have something against Willowkit?"
-Sandkit to Dovesong about Willowkit and Windpaw DawnClan Roleplay

"Why are you trespassing on DawnClan territory?!"
-Sandpaw to Icestorm and Firepelt DawnClan Roleplay

"Poppypaw! I-I can't move! Help!"
-Sandfern to Poppypaw moments before their deaths DawnClan Roleplay


"Haha! I've caught the intruder!"
-Sandkit while playing with Olivekit DawnClan Roleplay

"Gale, I rename you Galekit"
-Sandpaw to the newly named Galekit DawnClan Roleplay, finding Galestorm (then Gale[kit])

"Pollenpaw! Look out for that DarknessClan tom!"
-Sandflower to Pollenpaw DawnClan Roleplay, The Greatest Battle

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