Sandflower is a pretty, mottled sand colored, pale brown, golden-brown, dark brown and sandy orange-cream she-cat with pale green eyes and flower shaped flecks of dark orange in them.

She is the deputy of FrostClan. She is roleplayed by Aspen.


Sandkit is born to Sandypetal and Panthertooth in ReedClan with three siblings, Morningkit, Beechkit and Desertkit. Sadly, Sandypetal dies right after Sandkit and her siblings are born.

Sandkit is shown to be the leader of her siblings, often walking around the clearing with them following her.

About six moons later, Sandkit and her sisters are made apprentices with the names Sandpaw, Morningpaw, Beechpaw and Desertpaw. Sandpaw's mentor is Longfang. Desertpaw is made the medicine cat apprentice, due to her deafness.

A half a moon later, a streak of greencough makes its way around ReedClan. Sadly, Morningpaw, Beechpaw and Sandpaw catch it.

Half a moon later, Morningpaw dies. Sandpaw and Beechpaw are cured of the greencough. Her sister's death leaves her devastated.

Five moons later, Sandpaw becomes a warrior with the name Sandflower. Desertpaw and Beechpaw also become Desertdawn and Beechfang.

About a moon later, Desertdawn and Panthertooth get murdured by a pack of wolves. Sandflower becomes very depressed after this.

A tree falls on Beechfang and paralyzes his two back legs.

Beechfang becomes an elder early and he eventually dies due to a chest infection.

Sometime later, Sandflower leaves ReedClan with Longstar and many others.

Sandflower and the other cats join FrostClan.

Sandflower goes with Olivedapple and Rowanpaw, her apprentice, to find the Star Stone.

Later on, Sandflower escorts Tabbystar to the Star Stone.

When Tabbystar gets back, Sandflower is made deputy. Her apprentice is also made a warrior with the name Rowanthorn.

Tabbystar orders Sandflower to organize the midnight patrol and a hunting patrol. Sandflower orders Lunarsplash, Poppytuft and Rowanthorn on the midnight patrol and Longfang, Robinbriar and Raggedwolf on a hunting patrol.

Since Lunarsplash, Rowanthorn and Poppytuft keep fighting, Sandflower goes on patrol with them and comes back to camp afterwards.

Sandflower talks with Tawnyfang and afterwards she tells Rowanthorn that she likes him. Sandflower and Rowanthorn become mates after this.


All her life, Sandflower is shown to be very happy and bubbly. Also, she is seen to be very skilled and a natural leader. She can be strict if she gets annoyed.



Sandypetal - Deceased, Residence Unknown


Panthertooth - Deceased, Residence Unknown


Desertdawn - Deceased, Residence Unknown

Morningpaw - Deceased, Residence Unknown


Beechfang - Deceased, Residence Unknown


Rowanthorn - Alive, FrostClan



Longfang - Alive, FrostClan


Rowanthorn - Alive, FrostClan

Cedarpaw - Alive, FrostClan


None yet.


  • She wished that her warrior name would have been Sandmorning, Sandpetal or Sandheart after either her mother or her sister.
  • One day she will have kits with Rowanthorn. Their names may be Morningkit, Beechkit, Desertkit and Pantherkit, after her deceased family members.

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