Sandtuft is a warrior of PineClan and is Roleplayed by Xain


Sandtuft is a Sandy brown tabby Tom, with bushy fur on throat, amber eyes, bushy tail, tufted ears, and a nicked ear.


Not much is known about Sandtuft's past only that he is one of the most respected warriors in PineClan.

He is first seen going on patrol with Littlefrost and Ivypelt to investigate strange scents by the SnowClan border. When they return Thornstar calls a clan meeting for Moonkit who reached six moons old. Thornstar gives Santuft, Moonpaw to mentor, which he proudly accepts. He is then seen showing Moonpaw the PineClan territory and borders of the other three clans.

During an unknown time, he and Runningflower, a permanent queen, become mates and a moon later becomes pregnant with his kits.

During a HeatherClan raid on PineClan's camp. Runningflower goes into labor expecting four kits. Sandtuft dashes in the den ,after hearing her moans, with blood trickling from a newly nicked ear, worried about her. Redtuft orders him to guard the nursery entrance which Sandtuft strictly obeyes. Moments after Runningflower gave birth to all four healthy kits, Sandtuft pads in announcing that the HeatherClan cats have been warded off. He then sees his new kits and his eyes soften. Together they name the kits: Swallowkit, Sunkit, Foxkit, and Crowkit.

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