Sapphirepool is a cute, ditsy, playful, clumsy, glossy, short-haired, thick-pelted, fluffy, klutzy, adventurous, funny, energetic, bright-natured, blue she-cat with long legs, large, clumsy-looking paws, a long, skinny, wiry tail, slightly darker blue speckles going up her legs, and slightly slanted, shimmering, dazzling, beautiful, sparkling, bright blue eyes.



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Skills and Abilities;

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Sapphire is born to two unnamed rogues with two sisters, named Emerald and Ruby. Though she doesn't remember them, she remembers her parents loved and cared for her and her sisters very much.
When she was weaned along with her sisters, they would often wander around, and one day got hopelessly lost. The three kits, having not learned how to hunt, slowly began to starve.
But their luck would turn around soon enough. One day, the triplets were found by a kind she-cat called Leaf, who took them with her and cared for them until they found a Clan or were able to live as loners or rogues.
By the time they were nearly four moons old, the kits had found a Clan to settle in called IrisClan, and a queen named Heartrose cares for them along with her kits, Hollowkit, Strawberrykit, and Twilightkit, as well as another adopted she-kit named Swankit.

In RP;


When her adopted older siblings are apprenticed, with the names Hollowpaw, Strawberrypaw, and Twilightpaw, Emeraldkit reveals to her that she likes Hollowpaw. Sapphirekit doesn't say this, but she realizes that her feelings for Swankit are similar.
A few moons later, she and her sisters, along with Swankit, are apprenticed, becoming Sapphirepaw, Rubypaw, Emeraldpaw, and Swanpaw. Her mentor is Tanglesoul, one of the senior warriors.
She trains hard as a medicine cat, and soon memorizes the herbs a medicine cat uses. Her sisters also teach her how to swim when they're not training.
Rubypaw and Sapphirepaw become warriors with the names Rubysky and Sapphirepool. Swanpaw becomes a warrior as well, named Swanflight.
Sometime later, Thrushsong gives Emeraldpaw her full name, Emeraldfern. When Sapphirepool finds out, she couldn't be happier.
IrisClan later begins falling apart after the loss of their leader, Shortstar, and his deputy, Lotusfur, stepping down because of old age, along with many cats leaving them. Emeraldfern takes notice of this, and steps down from her position as a medicine cat in order to assist what few warriors they have remaining. Sapphirepool tries to convince her to go back to her position, trying to ignore the fact that her Clan is falling apart.
Hollowscar ends up becoming leader, which gives Sapphirepool hope that IrisClan will become strong again. Under his leadership, she receives her first apprentice, Cherrypaw.
Even with Hollowstar's new leadership, however, IrisClan completely falls apart. Many of its members wander in a group together, including Sapphirepool and her siblings, adopted or otherwise.
Sapphirepool continues to struggle with her feelings for Swanflight, being uncertain about whether her feelings are reciprocated or even valid.
After encountering a turbulent river on their way to FallenClan, Strawberryleaf, Twilightfeather, Hollowstar, Rubysky, and Emeraldfern are all swept away. Sapphirepool is about to go help them, but she's held back by Swanflight. Crushed, she turns away as her sisters and friends drown.
The remaining cats end up stopping to rest in FallenClan, but only for one night. Shadowstar offered them places in the Clan, especially with them traveling with new mother Moonblaze.
It's not long before they stop in SpellClan, where they once again decline an offer to join. Moonblaze and Swanflight rename themselves Lunarblaze and Pureflight, and Sapphirepool's feelings for Pureflight intensify.


After some time, the group finally arrives in RisingClan, where they are found by a patrol consisting of Fallendawn, Littlethorn, and Moonpaw. They are brought to Risingstar and are named members of RisingClan. At this point, Cherrypaw is named a warrior, Cherryeyes.
In a dream, Sapphirepool is visited by her sister Emeraldfern, who tells her that it's not wrong to like she-cats before Shadowhope wakes her up for dawn patrol.



Unnamed rogue she-cat; Status unknown.


Unnamed rogue tom; Status unknown.


Rubysky; Deceased, verified StarClan member.
Emeraldfern; Deceased, verified StarClan member..


  • Because she started out in a kit adoption run by a Pokémon fan, it is highly possibly that Sapphirepool got her prefix from the game Pokémon Sapphire.
  • She and Pureflight will become mates.


  • Rogue: Sapphire
  • Kit: Sapphirekit
  • Apprentice: Sapphirepaw
  • Warrior: Sapphirepool



Tanglesoul; Deceased, verified StarClan member.


Cherryeyes; Living, member of RisingClan.


Character Pixels;

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Life Image;


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