Cat created by Cottonfur for SolarClan.


Saturnheart was born as Saturnkit. His parents were Quailstorm and Featherpool and was the only kit in their litter. When he was Saturnpaw his father died in battle and his mother died of greencough. He was sad, but he knew he had to stay strong for his Clan. Once he received his warrior name, Saturnheart started talking alot to Nightstream, who had been made a warrior a few moons after himself and soon became mates. Now Nightstream is expecting his kits.

He is first seen during roleplay, asking Solarstar what's going on. After expressing worry for the safety of others when Solarstar rockets into the sky, he goes to check on Nightstream in the nursery. When he comes back out, the sky had just began to grow dark, and he mutters how he is getting to old for this. Soon, a huge explosion happens, and he takes his mate out of camp for her safety.

Not far from camp, his mate stops him and convinces him, though he was hesistant, to go back to camp. Shortly after Eclipse is named new leader, his mate begins kitting. Though he is not present, the news eventually reaches him and he races to the nursery, inquiring about the names of the kits. He comments on how many kits she had in one day, as another queen had already given birth.

It is noted that he can not stop staring at them, and Saturnheart purrs about how beautiful their kits are. Soon, he says goodbye to his mate and kits, and heads off to the warriors den.

During the Dark Forest attack, he is seen racing over to Eclipse.


Saturnheart is a daring, caring tom that is always looking out for his mate, Nightstream, and their kits. More to be added.


Father: Quailstorm - Deceased, member of

Mother: Featherpool - Deceased, member of

Brothers: None

Sisters: None

Mate: Nightstream

Kits: Blossomkit, Spottedkit, Ravenkit, Skykit, Stormkit, Birdkit.


  • He and Nightstream will have many kits together.
  • He is worried Nightstream won't survive the birth of her kits. (This worry is supressed, as Nightstream survived)

Cotton's favorite Saturnheart Roleplays

None yet.


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