Scarface is a musuclar brown tom with an X-shaped scar on his face and red eyes. He is roleplayed by Phoenix.


Scarkit was born to Fadehistory and Desertflower with Desertkit as his sibling. Desertkit was interested in medicine and thus became a medicine cat. Scarkit was supportive of his brother, even when they were apprenticed. Scarpaw's mentor was Stormstar, the leader at the time. One day, tragedy struck.

A cat named Blackspark destroyed most of SandstormClan before he was killed himself. Scarpaw fled his Clan and into the mountains, giving himself the name Scar. One day, a long time after SandstormClan was nearly obliterated, a cat named Goldblaze came to him and offered him a place to go: AlchemyClan. Luckily, Desertheart had studied a bit of alchemy before his death, and had given the incomplete knowledge to Scar before Desertheart was killed.

Scar joined the Clan under the name Scarface, and was eager to defend his Clan. However, when his Clan was suddenly attacked by strange monsters, Scarface broke a leg and retired. He was one of the few cats who still believed Goldblaze could be a good leader.

When monsters once more attacked AlchemyClan, Scarface was able to join the fray. He demonstrated his incomplete alchemy for the first time. Scarface is furious that Blackspark has found him. He and Blackspark fight, until Pridekit "devours" Blackspark and leaves. As the Dark Forest attacks, Scarface proves he is still capable of fighting.

He soon comes out of retirement, as his leg healed, and becomes a warrior again.


When he was younger, Scarface loved his family and was supportive of them. However, post-Clan destruction, Scarface became slightly cold and unloving. He shows a soft spot for Pandaheart.



Desertflower - Deceased, Residence Unknown


Fadehistory - Alive, SandstormClan


Desertheart - Deceased, Residence Unknown


He is based off the Ishvalan Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist.


  • Scarface will not return to SandstormClan, as he thinks it's gone.
  • He has been mentioned with amber eyes.

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