Scarnose is a beautiful dark gray she-cat with an unusual scar on the bridge of her nose, thick fur, and deep blue eyes.

She is a warrior of DuskClan.


Scarkit is born to Lilydance and Blizzardpelt in DuskClan with her sister Flowerkit (splash) and her brothers Crowkit (heart) and Sneezekit (whisker). She is shown to be a thinker, sarcastic, and a little bratty, due to being the youngest in the litter.

She is made an apprentice, Scarpaw, with her mentor being Kinkdove.

She seems to have a crush on Sirotellakit, Icefire's kit.

She is made a warrior, Scarnose.

She is given her first apprentice: Sirotellapaw.

Her apprentice is made a warrior with his siblings: Uneksiashade, Pyydedapple, Kuorruttaaice, and Sirrotellaslash.

In the Light vs. Dark Battle, she, Fernfrost (DawnClan), and Sprinkledream (SeaClan) find six half-CloudClan, half-MysticClan kits, named Keimei, Fushigi, Hayai, Senkou, Chiri, and Kuro. She ends up carrying Hayai and Senkou and soon names them Hayaikit and Senkoukit.


  • She is a weird, messed up reincarnation of Scarbelly
  • Sirotellaslash will be her future mate



Lilydance - Living


Blizzardpelt - Living


Flowersplash - Living
Desertflower - Living


Crowheart - Living
Sneezewhisker - Living
Redshadow - Living
Shadepaw - Deceaced, member of StarClan


Sweetwillow - Living


Wishingfall - Living
Ravenfeather - Living
Willowsong - Living
Tigerflare - Living
Waterwillow - Living
Darkkit - Deceaced, member of StarClan
Dawnkit - Deceaced, member of StarClan
Duskkit - Deceaced, member of StarClan


"Momma, why did we attack DawnClan? They didn't do anything wrong!"
-Scarkit to Lilydance DuskClan Roleplay

"KINKDOVE!!!!!!! What are you teaching me, and it better not be usless history on warriors?!?"
-Scarpaw to Kinkdove DuskClan Roleplay

"Ironstar, can I mentor Sirotellakit when he hits his sixth moon?"
-Scarnose to Ironstar DuskClan Roleplay