Sebastian is a handsome black tom with deep brown eyes. He is roleplayed by Phoenix.


Sebastian was born as Midnightkit to Tsukibear and Sunwolf, who were from SolClan and LunaClan respectively. The leaders of both Clans cast the three out. A few moons after Midnightkit's birth, Sunwolf fought a beaver and died.

Tsukibear was upset that the two Clans he loved cast them out so easily, and joined Nightmareheart and Hawkfrost's army. Midnightkit was forced to grow up too fast and became known as Midnightstorm.

Midnightstorm was forced to be a servant of Past-Time Grove, due to his wish to protect she-cats rather than hurt him. Nightmareheart forced him to forcibly mate a she-cat that looked like Sunwolf (ginger with gold paws and brown eyes), which killed the she-cat in process of giving birth to Midnightstorm's two kits: Pinkkit and Duskkit.

Midnightstorm soon was able to escape Past-Time Grove as Phoenixfeather and the others stormed the place to rescue Stormbender. However, he went with the invading group, as he was certain SolClan and LunaClan would prevent him from joining.

Midnightstorm changed his name to Sebastian, Pinkkit's name to Crona and Duskkit's name to Ciel.

Sebastian keeps a close eye on Ricepaw, worried about him.

He grieves for Phoenixfeather, Lavenderhearta nd Faolanwolf.


Sebastian is a calm tom, often seemingly cold and collected. Sebastian is fiercely protective of his kits, and hates Tsukibear for joining Nightmareheart and Hawkfrost's army out of hatred.



Unnamed she-cat (formerly): Deceased, Residence Unknown


Sunwolf - Deceased, Residence Unknown


Tsukibear - Alive, Past-Time Grove


Ciel - Alive


Crona - Alive


He is based off of Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler.


  • He is planning to join DawnClan once he is done with the prophecy
  • Phoenix admits she thinks the character Sebastian is based off of is hot.
  • No mate has been confirmed for him as of yet.
  • He and Ciel will not change their names upon becoming Clan cats; instead, only Crona will take a Clan name, confirmed to be Dawnkit(wind).

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