Shadowhope is a handsome, muscular, long-limbed, easily flustered, fluffy, silky-furred, long-haired, thick-pelted, broad-shouldered, calm, mysterious, pure, skinny, ebony-colored, intelligent, curious, large-boned, wiry, shadowy, leader-like, loyal, jet-black tom with a tiny white dab on his chest, a few scattered patches of blue-black fur, a dark gray muzzle, a dark brown tail tip, large, soft, slightly clumsy, light gray paws with white fur near the claws, and bright, yet dark, clear, brilliant, knowing, intelligent, radiant golden-amber eyes hidden by long, silky blue-black fur hanging in his face, completely covering his left eye and part of his right.

He speaks with a British accent as a result of catching Bloomflower.

He is a warrior of RisingClan, as well as the mentor of Paperpaw.


Shadowkit is born to Fallendawn and Risingstar in RisingClan with three siblings, Hopekit, Shellkit, and Windkit.

He is later apprenticed to Swancloud, his aunt.

Shadowpaw later catches Bloomflower, along with Hopepaw.

They are teleported with their sick siblings to Group 935 by Willowkit.

Hopepaw later dies of Bloomflower, but Shadowpaw is cured, though he will forever speak with a British accent. Risingstar later names him and his siblings warriors, named Shadowhope, Hopefall, Shellwater, and Windrise.

After the Bloomflower epidemic is over, he and the others return to RisingClan.

He is later given Paperpaw to mentor.


Shadowhope is similart to his grandfather, Shadowstar of FallenClan. He is very leader-like, and he is extremely loyal to his Clan.

He tends to get flustered very easily, and his accent does nothing to help it; in fact, Shadowhope's accent is the main reason for his tendency to become flustered.

He was extremely close to Hopefall, and her death had left him in heavy depression. Windrise and Shellwater, however, helped him recover.



Risingstar; Living; leader of RisingClan.


Fallendawn; Living; warrior of RisingClan.


Hopefall; Deceaced; verified StarClan member.
Shellwater; Living, warrior of RisingClan.


Windrise; Living; warrior of RisingClan.


Swancloud; Living; warrior of RisingClan.
Faithsnow; Living; warrior of FallenClan.
Hopeashes; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Spellpaw; Living; apprentice in FallenClan.


Swiftflare; Living; warrior of FallenClan.
Lunarspell; Living; leader of SpellClan.
Duskkit; Living; kit in FallenClan.
Moonheart; Living; warrior of SpellClan.


Luneflower; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Wolfnight; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Nightheart; Livng; warrior of SpellClan.
Stardustmint; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Trickspell; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Featherbutterfly; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Mistmoon; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Heartdrift; Living; warrior of RisingClan.
Smallswan; Living; warrior of RisingClan.
Froststorm; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Icehawk; Living; warrior of SpellClan.


Shadowstar; Living; leader of FallenClan.
Inksplash; Living; warrior of FallenClan.


Heathercloud; Living; medicine cat of FallenClan.

Distant Ancestors;

Dewspots; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Hollygaze; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Fuzzstorm; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Pureheart; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Tallslash; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Dewshine; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Blossomkit; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Mysterysearch; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Spell; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Twilightswift; Deceased; verified StarClan member.


  • Shadowhope is named after his sister, Hopefall, whom he was very close to.
  • His theme song is "Soundless Voice" by Kagamine Len.


Currently none.



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