Brand New
Leader: Freyja
Deputy: Seraphina
Medicine Cat/Apprentice: Yuna Apprentice: Open

 ShatteredClan is full of siren-like cats that lure cats, especially queens and kits, to their deaths. They claim male cats as slaves, and all kit-caretakers have their tongues cut out, for they are appointed as punishment. ShatteredClan cats have beautiful, seductive voices, and eyes that are hard to look away from. They live in echoing caves in the middle of a desert, where the cats see a mirage that lures them closer to the sirens.

This clan is owned by Holly and Meadow. To join, leave a request on the talk page.


  • Cats of all colours are welcomed, As long as the cats are female. Male cats can only have regular colored pelts, but can have any color eyes.
  •  This Clan is a Matriarchy
  • All male cats are slaves, unless they earn respect.
  • Only female cats have the ablilty to lure other's to their death's
  • No powers or wings 
  • Challenges are when a male cat must challenge 2-4 females to a fight. If he wins, he will earn respect.
  • Male apprentices can earn their worth by winning a challenge. If they lose, they become slaves.
  • Rules may be added later



Freyja- A beautiful older she-cat with a pearl coloured coat and lovel piwinkle eyes. Will do anthing to protect the females in her clan.(Meadow)


Seraphina - Beautiful, seductive, attractive, somewhat vain, intelligent, sneaky, silky, glossy-furred white she-cat with a pale, pale silver hue and black tipped ears and tail. She has pale, shimmering, cold ice-blue eyes with flecks of pale lavender in them. Slave: Dunepelt (Holly)

Medicine cat

Yuna: kind, shy, small, young, white she-cat with one green eye and one blue eye. (Whitesong)

Medicine cat apprentice



Pyrafrost - Striking, half-orange-half-white she-cat with dark orange stripes on her orange side and pale blue stripes on her white side, and one crystal blue eye and one amber eye. (Holly)

Lilyrim - Pretty, young, slender cream she-cat with black, seed-shaped flecks and wide, curious green eyes. (Holly)

Harpsong - Young, kind, slightly timid and untrusting, motherly, warm, friendly white and yellow she-cat with soft, lively cyan eyes. (Holly)

Bansheecry - Evil, sadistic, cruel purple she-cat with electric violet eyes and yellow paws. Enjoys killing, and is evil to the bone. (Holly)

Rikku: funny, sometimes mean, young, golden ginger she-cat with blue eyes. (Whitesong)

Paine: cold, mean, rude, sometimes nice, black she-cat with red eyes. (Whitesong)

Grace- A young she-cat with cream fur and soft green eyes. Posie's and Elegent's sister. (Meadow) 

Poise- A She-cat with black fur and yellow eyes, Grace's and Elegent's sister.(Meadow) 

Elegent- A she-cat with a soft pink nose, white fur and blue eyes. Poise and Grace's sister. (Meadow) 

Koi - Tortie she cat with a super short pelt and a split lip, and a nasty, yet calm, personality. She has vibrant golden eyes, and has long whiskers, including those that come out above her eyes. Slave: Troutie. (Troutiee)

Mollie-Anne - Sweet-faced, innocent-looking, fluffy, pretty, long-haired, light pink and lavender she-cat with white paws, a soothing voice, and bright, electric-blue eyes. (Luna)

Petaltail - Gentle, generally nice, fluffy, short-haired, black she-cat with a tortoiseshell tail, large ears, and pale, shining greenish-blue eyes. (Luna)


Oasispaw - Handsome, hyper, flirty, excited, funny yellow tom with eager teal eyes and a brown tipped tail. Is Seraphina's adopted son, and is one of the few respected males in the clan.

Lotuspaw - Pinky orange she-cat with a black fluffy tail and black tipped ears and muzzle. Nicked ears and a barely noticable scarred muzzle. She has green eyes with golden flecks and long, thorn-sharp claws. Daughter to Marielle. (Holly)

Hemlock - Handsome, cool, collected, smooth cream-colored tom with brown and gold splotches throughout his pelt, and amber eyes. Once he is 6 moons, he will either become a slave, be cast out, be killed, or earn respect. (Holly)


Bubblekit - Adorable, fun, quirky, cute, sweet, playful pale blue tom with silver ears and paws and light blue eyes. Has a tuft of fluff that sticks up on his head. Very fluffy. He and his sister were found abandoned and collasped from heat, and taken in. (Holly)

Aquakit - Bubblekit's littermate; Sweet, bashful, thoughtful, soft, fluffy, clumsy, caring, lovable, cute, cream-blue colored cat with cream dapples throughout her fur, a cream nose, ear-tips, paws, and tail tips, and pale, bright, happy silvery-blue eyes. 

Nefertiti - Regal, mature, proper, seductive, beautiful, snobby gold-and-teal she-cat with teal eyes. Despite her usual traits, she has a surprisingly warm and funny side to her. Is thought to be of ancient royalty from her unique colors. Hatshepsut's daughter. (Holly)

Sunrise- ginger and yellow tom with almost red eyes (Meadow)

Sunset- A red tom with greenish-blue eyes(MEadow)


Russa - Russet-colored she-cat with pink eyes. Mute. (Holly)


Dunepelt - Handsome, submissive, gentle, passionate sand colored tom with red-orange eyes. (Holly)

Traveller - Secretive, angry, cold brown tom with bright, rebellious amber eyes. (Holly)

Troutie - Very pale gray tom slave with pastel-blue eyes. He is very shy and soft-spoken, and has a medium-long coat, which makes him almost useless, since it's the desert. He is an import from southern Florida, appearing from a crashed plane. Koi found him and took him with her when they both found ShatteredClan. (Troutiee)

Akhenaten - Former rogue that joined the Clan out of starvation. Golden tom with light brown stripes and amber eyes. Worships a sun deity, and is very dedicated to his faith. Content as long as he is given food. (Shuckle)


Marielle: Beautiful, honey-colored she-cat dappled with chocolate-brown. Has large, almond-shaped brown eyes. Is still quite young, but retired early due to a crippled hind leg. Considered one of the best hunters in the clan. (Holly)

Desceased Cats:

Hatshepsut - Beautiful, long-legged gold she-cat with chocolate brown eyes and long black forclaws. Died from wounds sustained by a run-in with a coyote.

Jacob - Dark-brown, battle-scarred tom. Died of heat stroke.


The silvery white she-cat stood outside her leader's den, taking a deep breath to calm her nerves. She wondered how Freyja would react when she admitted she had spared a cat from death. Two cats, to be exact. And toms, both of them. She stole a glance back at them. The sand-colored one seemed to pick up her anxiety, and his forehead formed a worried crease. The other tom was glaring at her like a cat in battle. She could almost feel his amber gaze bearing down on her. She turned away, composed herself, and stepped into the den. She crounched and lowered her head in respect. Still staring at her paws, she meowed, "Freyja, I found these two tussling inside the border. Then the brown one attacked me." She shouldered him forward, and continued. "I...couldn't bring myself to kill them. I don't know what came over me, and-" She cut her babbling, and said shortly "I thought they could be useful." She looked hopefully at Freyja.

"We might be hollow but we're brave" 21:53, November 9, 2014 (UTC)

Paine, Rikku, and Yuna walked into camp. "Stay here, Yuna." Meowed Rikku and Paine in unison. Yuna slightly nodded. Paine saw Freyja, and Rikku looked ready to prank any cat. Paine nodded for Yuna, Yuna came next to them. "Where are we, Paine." Yuna meowed. "Hang on, Yuna", replied Paine. "I want to see Tidus, Paine" meowed Yuna. Rikku and Paine's ears went up, "SHHH!"

--Whitesong (talk) 06:56, November 10, 2014 (UTC)Whitesong

Koi snarled at Troutie, scoffing before rolling her eyes as they walked through a seemingly empty desert. "How could you have come from Floor-aye-da? It doesn't even exist! You are probably an alien who lost its way!" She snapped her focus back forward as Troutie opened his mouth to speak. They appeared over a hill, seeing a cave down below. "Great, shelter!" He mewled, running before Koi caught him by his nape, holding him back.

"You idiot!" She hissed as she heard noises from inside. The ShatteredClan cats. "We will go up there slowly, pose no threat, and ask for help." She ordered, starting to tread steadily towards the cave. Soon enough, they got there, looking inside before Troutie stepped next to Koi, beating her before she could speak. "E-Excuse me? C-Can anyone help us?" He boomed, looking at the Clan that sat before him.

Troutiee (talk) 17:08 EST, November 10, 2014 (I hate wikitexting stuff. Ugh.)

The ShatteredClan cats looked to the entrance, surprised. In the nursery, a teal-and-gold she-kit and a pale silvery-blue tom poked their heads out. A pinky-orange she-cat and her yellow-pelted companion whispered to each other, unsheathing and sheathing their claws. A tough-looking purple she-cat leapt to her paws, her violet eyes sparking with hostility. "Wha-who are you two? You are trespassing on-" A white and yellow she-cat stepped forward, resting her tail tip on the cat's shoulder and giving her a stern look. The purple cat snapped her mouth shut grudgingly, and the other cat stepped forward. "Of course. Let me take you two to our leader. She might know what to do." The cat beckoned for them to follow. She led them deeper into the cavern and stopped in front of a smaller connecting cave with vines and moss draped over the entrance. "Freyja, we have...erm...visitors?"

"We might be hollow but we're brave" 22:45, November 10, 2014 (UTC)

Rikku, Yuna, and Paine stared in wonder. Rikku and Paine whispered to Yuna, "Should we trust these visitors or not?" "I am unsure." Yuna replied.

--I'm with Kisshu/Dren (talk) 03:07, November 11, 2014 (UTC)I'm with Kisshu/Dren

(I switched signatures)

Meanwhile, Hemlock dropped a scrawny cactus thrush onto the pile. Then, a voice spoke behind him, "That's the saddest piece of fresh kill I've ever seen." Hemlock whirled around. Lotuspaw stood before him, her nose wrinkled, while Oasispaw stood snickering beside her. " I mean, I know you're going to be a slave and all, but seriously. That's just pathetic." "Yeah." Oasispaw sneered, before shoving Hemlock to the ground. Hemlock got to his feet, then mewed, "Lay off. It's not my fault you two look like crow-food had kittens."

--"We might be hollow but we're brave" 19:28, November 11, 2014 (UTC)

Koi looked at Troutie, narrowing her eyes, while Troutie angrily whispered back. "It was your idea!" "No it wasn't, I just said go in there calmly and quietly, and you followed my orders until you shouted. Thanks a lot." She rear-paw-smacked him in the face, letting a small growl slip under her breath. Her tail flickered along with his and for a moment the two touched. Troutie gasped lightly, then blushing, instantly flicking his tail away as he looked down. She can't know, yet. They continued to follow the cat. Troutie - Your neighborhood-friendly derp. (talk) 20:47, November 11, 2014 (UTC)

Feyja Looked at the two toms abd the back to the She-cat who dare defy her. "If you wish to spare them, As though they where your equal, You can live like them then." She said with anger and disaponitmentt clear in her voice. "For one moon." she said her fur bricklyingg.

Elegance is always in style

Seraphina wrinkled her nose in disgust, and, with a parting bow, shoved her way through the toms. She walked over to the slave den, and eyed it with distaste. Traveller stalked over to the fresh-kill pile and selected a finch. He plopped down next to a she-cat who was enjoying her food, and started to dig in.

"We might be hollow but we're brave" 23:54, November 11, 2014 (UTC)

Koi and Troutie looked at each other for a moment, looking forward again, awaiting what Freyja would do and say. She seemed pretty harsh, to Troutie at least. To Koi, ha, this was her equal.

Troutie - Your neighborhood-friendly derp. (talk) 00:05, November 12, 2014 (UTC)

Mollie-Anne watched Seraphina pad towards the slave den, then sent a sneer towards the den, a change from her general sweet look.

Petaltail noticed this and shifted away from Mollie-Anne a bit. Not a force to be reckoned with, she thought. Welcome to Hell! Starring Sock, Jonathan, and Mephistopheles 00:38, November 12, 2014 (UTC)

Paine went a little towards the slave den. Rikku and Yuna were chatting about them, "I think Koi kinda like the toms." Meowed Rikku. "I agree with that."replied Yuna. Paine watched, she just watched the toms. Rikku looked at Paine and Yuna looked as well, "PAINE, you better not be falling in love with THEM." They both shouted. "I ain't falling in love with 'em." Replied Paine with anger

--I'm with Kisshu/Dren (talk) 07:17, November 14, 2014 (UTC)I'm with Kisshu/Dren

Koi just raised her eyebrow, waiting for SOME kind of reply from this 'Freyja.' Troutie shrugged. Troutie - Your neighborhood-friendly derp. (talk) 20:07, November 14, 2014 (UTC)

Feyja Smiled as she watched the she-cat go into the den of those ponitless males.

Elegance is always in style 23:25, December 3, 2014 (UTC)

Seraphina curled up in one of those scrappy nests. The den was hot and sticky, so much that she almost felt bad for the males. She scowled deeply.


Lotuspaw bristled, and Oasispaw shoved his way closer. "What did you say?" He asked Hemlock, his voice low and dangerous. When Hemlock did't respond, Oasispaw hit him hard in the face.

"We might be hollow but we're brave" 23:33, December 3, 2014 (UTC)

Koi rolled her eyes deeply and make her sentence sound obnoxious. "Hey Freyja, over here!" She waved a paw in the air with a sweet face. "Do you think we're invisible?" Troutie shrunk, whispering, "I don't think that's a good idea." Troutjaw "Does this mean I have 'hte bototy' disease, mama?" 20:48, December 9, 2014 (UTC)

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